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The future of hemp-based foods in Europe

The European hemp-based food market continues to grow. The main way that hemp is turned into food is through powders, such as protein, seed oil, and seeds.

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Your Guide to Enjoying Legal Cannabis All Over the World

There are places all over the world where you can enjoy recreational cannabis. Whether you’re looking to sample flowers from every corner of the globe or your on vacation looking up how to smoke the last bit of oil in a cartridge, this guide has you covered.

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The Boys are Back in Town! Podcast

The "Boys" take you on a mental vacation as they talk about life, love and laughs.

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A Nick, Dime, Dub and A Key, What Are They?

You have to know what to ask for if you are buying either small amounts or large amounts of weed on the street.

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Is The Climate Right In Your Marijuana Grow?

Proper humidity and temperature levels are two of the most common mistakes made in a marijuana grow room.

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Learn Weed: Key Marijuana Terms to Know | Volume 4

If you know 7 out of 10 of these weed terms, consider yourself a master. Most people don't know any cannabis terminology. Test your skill below.

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Learn Weed: Key Marijuana Terms to Know | Volume 3

All budtenders know that knowledge is king. Especially in the weed game... it's important to know what everyone is talking about.

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Learn Weed: Key Marijuana Terms to Know | Volume 1

Knowing what all the words mean is crucial to really understanding the plant. This is Part 1 of our series on Cannabis Vocabulary.

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Can You Smoke Weed After Surgery?

If one of the most common reasons people use cannabis is for pain relief, should you be smoking weed after a surgery? Read about pain management risks with THC.

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Cannabis Tinctures: Learn the Basics Then Make Your Own.

THC Tinctures and CBD Tinctures don't get a ton of attention, but they should because they work! Understand the basics, then follow a recipe to make your own tincture.

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Get Crafty! Learn to Make a Bong 🎓

Tokers are very creative. What else is sativa for? So, it makes sense that there are several different options when it comes to smoking weed.

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How to Save Your Broken Vape Cartridge.

Broke a cart? Watch us demonstrate how to get that delicious nectar out of your vape!