Curaleaf of Sarasota Overview

Sarasota is brimming with pot shops as legal medical marijuana in the state of Florida becomes the norm. Most people are yelling at Siri or Google to tell them, “Where is a dispensary near me open?” and with so many to choose from, Curaleaf Sarasota is worth the trip. Try some of their unique cannabis products that other dispensaries open now in the Sarasota, FL area aren’t selling, like Nanodrops and High Terpene Extracts

Inside the Curaleaf medical marijuana dispensary in Sarasota, FL
The Curaleaf medical marijuana dispensary in Sarasota, FL.

Their pricing is pretty competitive if not just a tad pricey, but if you’re looking for a good deal on THC cannabis products then Curaleaf’s tinctures which by the way are a great first-time product for new patients are well deserving of a mention here. Take a look below for an overview of Curaleaf’s product line which stand up nicely with many other high end products from Florida.

What is Curaleaf Dispensary’s Inventory and Pricing Like?

Like most products of Florida, all of their products are on line and you can peruse the Curaleaf Sarasota website to get a good idea of what they have and how much everything costs.

What are the Curaleaf Flower Prices in Sarasota?

Most dispensaries in Sarasota-Bradenton are selling legal weed for about $35 an eighth and Curaleaf is no different. It seems like you don’t have to drive to a marijuana dispensary in Tampa to get whole flower for the same $35 for 3.5 grams that you can find elsewhere and the THC percentages are relatively average as well, with their current strains ranging from 14-18%. Shockingly, they sell Shorty pre-rolls in a 2pk at only .8mg for a whopping $12 and their 1g pre-rolls are $13. A little above average when compared with with the rest of the country, but who doesn’t enjoy the convenience of a RAW pre-rolled cone joint? Sometimes you just have to treat yourself if you don’t like rolling your own.

marijuana flower in a glass jar held by a hand with gloves
Cannabis flower is the most popular items in Sarasota dispensaries.

What are the Prices for Vape Cartridges at Curaleaf?

Curaleaf doesn’t seem to have any rhyme or reason to how they price their products. The pricing ranges from $42-$60 for all half gram 510 threaded vape carts of each variety. That includes the Live Blends carts (a solventless extract), Select Elite (their high terpene cart), or the original CO2 THC carts they’ve carried for a while. Similarly, the THC percentages of these products vary widely. Even though the black market tried to kill the vape market, they are still very popular.

Vape cartridge on a marijuana leaf
Vape cartridges are sill very popular among Florida residents.

Does Curalaf have Concentrates?

The RSO syringe Curaleaf carries sells for $55. Not too bad for a full extract product. RSOs are nice if you’re looking for a premium extract that preserves the natural compounds of the plant. For a ‘cleaner’ high, many cannaseurs like shatter or crumble for the high potency and lack of cutting agents. Curaleaf has both in 1 gram increments for $60, seemingly industry standard pricing for these concentrates for Florida patients who like to use a dab rig with a torch.

Cannabis concentrate in a small container
Concentrates are much more potent and are usually used by experienced cannabis enthusiasts or patients who need large doses of THC.

What Topicals does Curaleaf Sell? 

For those with arthritis pain, muscle aches, headaches, or neuropathy, using topical cannabis can provide exceptional pain relief unlike other methods of consumption. Curaleaf has a 300mg THC Balm for $45 and boasts that this product can deliver immediate localized pain relief. 

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Does Curaleaf carry oral and sublingual methods of medical marijuana?

The price of Curaleaf Sarasota’s cannabis tinctures run $70 to $90 for a 600ml bottle of THC. This is a great deal compared to other dispensaries in the area, where they can easily be found for more than that. They also have a decent variety of THC and ratio based capsules with a  30 count bottle of 10mg capsules for $52. Nanodrops are unique to Curaleaf and come in 150mg droppers for $30. Their website describes these drops as using nanomolecular technology to make the product water soluble for faster onset and a more consistent microdosing experience

Does Curaleaf sell edibles?

Curaleaf is still waiting on the Florida Department of Health to issue a license to sell edibles in their store, however the Curaleaf website hints that the unveiling of their edibles line is in the very near future. You must be approved by your physician to purchase edibles in the state of Florida. For now, the closest you can get is the sublingual tablet they sell. Or save money and make your own edibles with one of their distillates. Sublingual Tablets are $45 for 150mg of THC. Each tablet has 5mg making the 30 count bottle very expensive. 

Differnt colored infused gummies
infused edibles like these gummies made by TNMNews’s very own favorite chef @edibldee are NOT available in Florida yet.

What devices and gear does Curaleaf sell?

One this Curaleaf excels at is their gear selection. Stickers for less than a buck, rolling papers for less than $2, and their Curaleaf branded variable voltage vape battery and charger for just $10 makes it easy to leave the dispensary with more than top quality weed. Curaleaf Sarasota Dispensary has nice trucker style hats for sale, too. The coolest gadget they have is definitely the Combie Grinder for $15. It has a place to break up your bud, roll, store papers, grind, catch kief, and it’s small enough to be portable. Weed grinders as you know are very important devices to have.

Reasons to Visit Curaleaf Dispensary in Sarasota

  • Discounts. First-Time Patients Get 50% off their purchase, plus, there’s a patient renewal discount of $75 off when you spend $150. Then get $25 off your next purchase of $75 or more. If that doesn’t cut it for you they allow you to choose $25 off when you spend $75.
  • 20% off for veterans and recipients of financial assistance like Food Stamps.
  • 10% off for patients 65 years of age or older.
  • 40% discount for pediatric patients under the age of 18.
  • 15% off for medical cannabis professionals- those who work at other dispensaries or at a qualifying MMJ treatment facility.
  • For your birthday, get $15 off a purchase during your birthday month with a one time discount on a minimum $50 purchase.
  • Get Double Rewards points with purchases on Wednesdays.
  • Statewide Delivery, curbside service available, or in-store pick-up (including pre-orders) available. 
  • Curaleaf accepts cash, debit, CanPay, and also credit cards now. For incentive, take 5% off your purchase when you use a credit card at checkout. 

Where is Curaleaf Dispensary Located in Sarasota?

Wherever you are in Sarasota county, there’s sure to be a dispensary close by. Curaleaf is centrally located between Sarasota and Bradenton near the Sarasota Memorial Hospital at 1435 S Tamiami Trail. If you need to contact them before you go, their number is (941) 957-9122 or you can email them at