Originally from Austin, Texas, Brian Yauger is the visionary CEO behind Lemonhaze, and has created exclusive experiences connecting cannabis space executives with one another.


Known as ‘the most connected man in cannabis,” Brian’s career began in college football after attending Texas State University before transferring to Hardin-Simmons University, where he graduated with degrees in Political Science and History. He then coached football for 12 years, for Oklahoma State and Columbia University, before returning to Austin in 2011 to start his first company.

Brian Yauger Golf Cart
Brian Yauger driving a Cannabis VIP client at a Lemon Haze Golf Tournament.

Recognizing the potential of the exploding cannabis industry, Brian relocated to Seattle, Washington. In 2015 he started FRONT RUNNER, a SAS cannabis sales data website rebranded as Lemonhaze in 2016. In 2018 Lemonhaze pivoted from data to an events company when Brian discovered that the events the company organized to promote its services were the most successful aspect of its business.

They began with events focusing on educating  budtenders, eventually expanding out of Washington to Oregon, California, and Nevada. An avid golfer, sports fan, and cigar aficionado, Brian combined his love for the cannabis industry and he passion for golf by creating the Lemonhaze Cannabis Executive Golf Classic tour and the Lemonhaze Cannabis Executive Invitational. Tailored for  industry executives, these tournaments offer a day of friendly competition and networking on the green, which quickly emerged as Lemonhaze’s signature events.

Brian relocated to the sunny Silver State, Las Vegas, Nevada. if you are ever fortunate enough to attend one of Lemonhaze’s coveted events, you can usually find him wearing sunglasses, driving a golf cart with a cooler full of beverages and a cigar in his mouth, laughing, shaking hands, and passing out drinks.

Lemonhaze brings thousands of people from the industry together for golf events and budtender training.

Lemonhaze was launched in 2015 in Seattle, WA. Lemonhaze quickly became the go-to B2B cannabis events company in the Pacific Northwest, most well-known for their Budtender Parties, connecting cannabis brands with hundreds of Budtenders. In 2019, they started a national expansion with events in Oregon, California, Nevada, and Arizona. Unfortunately, COVID-19 forced a break in events in 2020 and we took the opportunity to relocate our main office from Seattle to Las Vegas.

Lemonhaze is known for providing business minded events for businesses in the cannabis industry. The Lemon Haze Golf Classics bring cannabis companies together with Executives fun networking event. And the Budtender Parties make the Budtenders – the star, allowing brands to entertain, educate, and network with them. Lemonhaze prides itself on a high-end experience and is here to help make valuable connections for you, and is helping the industry grow together.