News from Canadian Cannabis Companies and Marijuana News out of Canada. Canada has legalized recreational marijuana federally in 2018.

LGC Capital’s (OTC:LGGCF) Leading Australian Medical Cannabis LP Partner, Little Green Pharma, Commences Commercial Sales to Patients

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Little Green Pharma successfully completes second commercial medical cannabis harvest and commences sales to Australian patients. LGP’s products accepted into major statewide clinical trials for advanced cancer. LGP commences negotiations for exports toย Germany. LGP negotiating to build a 400,000 square foot facility on a 500,000 square foot site.โ€ฆ
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Benefits of Legalizing Cannabis in Canada

Benefits of Legalizing Cannabis in Canada, marijuana legalization, cannabis news
Canada recently became the second country, after Uruguay, to completely legalize cannabis. If all goes well, it will be commercially available by the end of the summer to people who are 21 years of age and older. While supporters hope that this will increase access for people whoโ€ฆ
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