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South Dakota Reform Groups Propose MMJ Compromise

Compromise bill is an alternative to House Bill 1100A, which would cause severe delays to implementation and criminalize medical marijuana patients, despite 70% of South Dakota voters approving medical marijuana last year.

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MPP & NORML Heads Pen Letter to President Biden

MPP, NORML and several other cannabis advocacy groups have sent a letter to President Joe Biden about how his administration should approach cannabis policy.

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UFC Changes Course on Marijuana

As of Jan. 1, under the new rules, fighters will no longer be punished if they test positive for THC.

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Many publicly traded companies are turning to psilocybin for the nex wave in legalized psychedelics.

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How to Make Bubble Hash in 5 Easy Steps

Making hash has become a lost art these days because of other popular extracts like oils and budders and badders and shatters.

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Hemp, Inc. Settles Longstanding Lawsuit with SEC

Hemp, Inc. and Bruce Perlowin have been under a legal microscope since the SEC filed their civil lawsuit.

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Goldstalk Searches for Equity Partners

Goldstalk is currently searching for equity partners for a cultivation and production facility in Las Vegas, NV.

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How Much Does Weed Cost?

Knowing how much pot costs around the country will give you an idea if you are getting the best price in your neighborhood.

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Is Prohibition Officially Over?

With five more states legalizing marijuana in 2020, the future looks bright for federal legalization.