Zimbabwe Legalizes Medical Marijuana and Scientific Research

The worldwide movement to legalize marijuana continues. The country of Zimbabwe in Africa has legalized medical marijuana along with scientific research on cannabis. It is a big jump for the country which recently had very strict laws concerning marijuana.

Theย Health and Child Care Minister, Dr David Parirenyatwa, made the announcement about the change in law in the Government Gazette last week. It provided detailed guidelines on how to apply to either be a business that grows and dispenses medical marijuana or a consumer of medical marijuana.

โ€œAn application for the issue of a licence in terms of section 27 of the Act shall be made to the Minister, in duplicate and shall be accompanied by the appropriate fee and three copies of a plan of the site proposed to be licensed which shall comply with the requirement specified in these regulations.

โ€œIn case of an individual, proof of citizenship or proof of being ordinarily resident in Zimbabwe or proof of an exemption by the Minister (will be required),โ€ reads the regulations.

โ€œIn the case of a company, proof of citizenship or proof of being ordinarily resident in Zimbabwe of the majority of directors or proof of an exemption by the Minister and proof of incorporation in Zimbabwe of the company; and a declaration, signed and dated by the proposed authorised person in charge, stating that the authorised person in charge, the proposed responsible person in charge and, if applicable, the proposed alternate responsible person in charge, are familiar with the provisions of the Act (will be required),โ€ reads the regulations.

Again, the United States falls further behind having still not recognized the medicinal benefits of cannabis on a national level. While 29 states have legalized medical marijuana, cannabis is still a Schedule 1 drug on the national level. The Schedule 1 status makes it very challenging for researchers to conduct the rigorous research on cannabis that is necessary to understand it completely.

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