Marijuana Black Friday deals hold an importance with the cannabis community that can only be described as crucial to the average consumer’s wallet. Since marijuana legalization is still relatively new to many states, taking advantage of the tremendous deals associated with Black Friday may not be that obvious to most consumers. They are out there though and especially considering the cheap Chinese alternatives are going away with the new tariffs, which will be passed on to consumers, deals are more important than ever. Checkout this offer for a free pipe giveaway.

Vaping may be healthier than smoking weed, but studies by groups like John Hopkins have discovered toxic metals such as lead and chromium are breaking off from the heating coils found in vaporizers. Some dabbing technology costs hundreds of dollars and certainly the intense temperatures used in dabbing does not make it healthier than smoking marijuana. Certain brands are taking a more traditional route by bringing marijuana consumers back to a place where weed is just not that complicated or expensive.

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China has been the traditional source of super cheap glass pipes that US residents have been happily using for many decades. While nothing beats a US made hand blown glass pipe, they are typically expensive. However, the days of ordering cheap glass pipes like one hitters, chillums, bongs and glass bowls from China are basically over now that they have been hit with a 10% tariff by the United States. Those tariffs will jump to 25% after the first of the year, which means marijuana consumers need a new alternative. Other countries are set to pick up the slack as illustrated by the graphic below, but perhaps US based companies should take advantage of an opportunity not seen in a long time.

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Certain companies are shipping heavy hand blown glass pipes out of Las Vegas and California, the future marijuana capital of the world, in an attempt to counter the rising prices of hand pipes. Looking around for deals is the name of the game on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. They supposedly have 1 million of these double and triple blown glass pieces to simply giveaway this Black Friday and Cyber Monday in an attempt to send a message to marijuana consumers around the country that the solution to the Chinese tariffs is right here at home.

Marijuana enthusiasts have been called many things over the years. They are given derogatory names like pothead or stoner. One of the best ever…. reefer rat. Today though, they have new names like ganjapreneur, or even better, patient. The marijuana industry has come a long way from where it was just 10 years ago. It’s no wonder there is such a green rush since the epic battle against prohibition is now pushing a century. The build up for the legalization of cannabis is now like a volcano on the verge of eruption. But, if the industry is going to enter the mainstream, and the US wants to take full advantage of the potential economic boom we will receive from full marijuana legalization, then US consumers need to turn their attention back home again. Combining the innovative thoughts of millennials, technology, smart business practices and the frugality of the traditional marijuana consumer is the path towards the people of the US reaping the full benefits of legalization. 

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I remember this lunatic in college that had this triple blown glass bowl. I remember because he told everyone about it and would walk around smashing it off the side of desks to show everyone that it didn’t break. At the time it seemed comical, but over the years of watching goods get cheaper and more fragile, the durability of his triple blown glass bowl stands out. Glass bowls can obviously break, but as long as they remain affordable, then they are likely the best value out there for marijuana consumers.

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