The Amazing 420 Las Vegas 2018 Holiday, The First Since Commercial Sales Began

The 420 weekend that started last Friday April 20th in Las Vegas was full of the promotions, events and antics you might expect from a city that began offering commercial sales of marijuana less than a year ago. One of the more amusing points of the weekend was the crowd that continued to grow outside White Castle next to the Las Vegas dispensaries on the strip.

White Castle in Las Vegas, cannabis news, 420 party
White Castle in Las Vegas

One particular partier outside White Castle said, “I’m not without being stoned. You smoke and then you get the munchies and then you come to White Castle and then you cure the munchies and then you go out again and you smoke again and then you going to need munchies again!”

Las Vegas was one of the new destinations for the 420 marijuana holiday this year. Both Los Angeles and San Francisco who are also new to the commercial sale of cannabis, drew a large crowd as well. Of course, places like Seattle and Denver have been popular destinations for marijuana enthusiasts on the special holiday for years now, but there is nothing quite like Sin City to partake in the festivities.

Promotions of all sort were being advertised throughout the city leading up to Friday. Some companies like Lyft offered a $4.20 discount for those in need of a high ride. Some dispensaries used other innovative ways to play off of 420, and yet others decided to launch new brands and locations. There are now over 50 different dispensaries in Las Vegas for cannabis lovers to peruse a wide variety of indica, sativa and hybrid marijuana strains.

Ice Cube in Las Vegas, latest cannabis news, marijuana advocacyBoth Ice Cube and members of the Wu-Tang Clan joined the people of Las Vegas this 420 along with may other musical performances. Lines of people were forming outside of dispensaries before they even opened to partake in all of the 420 deals that were being offered and then off to whatever event they had planned on attending. Many local Las Vegas residents also wanted to take advantage of the deals being offered. One local resident interviewed said, “No public consumption, we’re going to hit up all the dispensaries that are having specials, get us a goodie bag to celebrate the culture an head home to relax this evening.โ€

No public consumption is allowed in Las Vegas or the entire state of Nevada which makes the 420 holiday a bit of a challenge for those visiting the city. California is permitting social consumption lounges in cities like San Francisco, but here in Las Vegas discretion is the key to enjoying cannabis unless visiting cannabis enthusiasts have friends that will allow them to consume marijuana on their private property. Marijuana lounges are likely the last key element to making the 420 experience in Las Vegas everything that marijuana proponents could hope for from a trip here on April 20th. While the lounges have been discussed by state officials, lawmakers have been hesitant to allow them, but we will see on the next April 20th in 2019 whether the city has made any progress on the topic.

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