Negligent Parents in Tempe, AZ Allow 2-Year Old to Eat Cannabis Infused Food

One of the major worries of marijuana legalization opponents is that the normalization of cannabis consumption could lead to children becoming exposed to marijuana. A recent example in Arizona of children being exposed to marijuana could have happened regardless of the existence of the AZ medical marijuana program but nonetheless is at the heart of the issue. A Tempe, AZ couple that allowed their 2-year old to eat macaroni and cheese infused with cannabis earlier this month have had all three of their children taken into custody by the Department of Child Safety, and the mother has been arrested.

The hospital confirmed finding THC in the child’s system and the police found marijuana plants growing on the property as well as psychedelic mushrooms. Colorado has banned animal shaped edibles to prevent edibles from looking appealing to children and Canada has been working on a structure for a large campaign to educate the public and children concerning cannabis.

“During that time, neither parent took the child to immediate emergency care,” according to the police report.

Instead, “It was witnessed inside of the residence that [they] both laughed about the side effects the child experienced during that time and then proceeded to place her into their backyard pool to use the cold water to ‘shock’ her,” the police report continued.

In the home’s refrigerator, “on the top shelf were three large tubs of THC butter.”

Negligence by parents like these is not a product of the marijuana legalization movement. However, as opposed to alcohol, cannabis in food and even in automatic vaporizers are something that a child could possibly find and effortlessly consume if parents do not take proper precautions with cannabis. Do you believe laws concerning marijuana and parents’ responsibility to keep it away from their children should be particularly harsh?


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