Employers and Others Are Concerned by the Potential Increase in Marijuana Use at the Workplace

A survey conducted by the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) was analyzed by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the study was released by the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention (CDC) concerning marijuana consumption at the workplace. There is a growing concern by employers and others that the marijuana legalization movement spreading through the country will lead to an increase in the regular use of cannabis which could affect employee performance especially in occupations that involve safety and overseeing the safety of other employees.

Colorado started offering recreational cannabis sales in 2014 and so are the focus of may studies concerning marijuana consumption. In particular, people in the food industry seem to be drawn to marijuana according to the CDC report.

In the “accommodation and food services” industry, 30 percent of workers reported smoking pot at least once in the past month. Those in the job category “food preparation and serving” had the highest use at 32 percent of workers.

“Arts, design, entertainment, sports and media” came in second at 28 percent.

Marijuana use was reported by 19 to 21 percent of workers in “production,” “life, physical, and social science,” “sales and related,” and “installation, maintenance, and repair.”

Those in construction, manufacturing, and agriculture industries all fell above the state average in percentage of workers reporting marijuana use. Notably, healthcare, utilities, or mining, oil, and gas all had less than 10 percent of their workers report marijuana use.

Whether or not the legalization of marijuana is causing an increased use in cannabis at the workplace is difficult to determine, however regardless of whether cannabis is legal or not, people that have occupations like public transportation or in the heavy industrial manufacturing or construction industries should have all of their faculties available to them at all times. Do you think that the legalization of marijuana has led to an increased use of cannabis at the workplace?

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