The Future Is Now: New 3-D Printing Company Is All About Growing Weed

There’s a new company called 3Dponics that has created a 3-D printable hydroponics system. The creation of the system started last year and now, people from across the world will be able to utilize the company’s tools to download, 3D print and actually use this one-of-a-kind horticultural system. According to an article in, the company now has a community of over 6000 members.

3Dponics’ CEO and Creative Director, Michael Golubev, recently made the announcement that his company had created the world’s first 3D-printable hydroponics system for medical marijuana. The system is targeted toward “city dwellers”, and Golubev hopes it will make the cultivation of marijuana a much easier process.

The 3D printable system features 3 separate parts — the planter, the pot, and the lid — all of which can be customized, shared, and 3D printed from any desktop 3D printer. Once the parts are printed, they can snap together and the marijuana growing system can be as small or as large as the individual wants. The only thing the user needs to do after assembling is to fill the reservoir with water or a nutrient solution on a weekly basis.

Golubev also told that they are focusing on a “customizer” that will allow users to create systems that specifically meet their needs (custom sizes, shapes, etc.). For now, the system is free to use and customize, but users will get charged if they want to save the file. They’ll also have the option to order the parts across multiple 3D-printing services.

Glubev hopes the customizer tool will become one of the ways that 3Dponics will be able to make money, along with the sale and delivery of fertilizer, grow media and other supplies that will be made available to customers through a subscription-based monthly service.


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