1. I don’t see anything wrong with it. We all know how we can use the herb for medicine, cloths, paper, etc. I think its time for people to grow up and recognize its is a good plan and it shouldn’t be such a big deal as people make it. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to use it, as with any other things such as, prescription medicine, alcohol, cigarettes etc. I don’t like what they speak of on some radio stations, that doesn’t mean i want to ban the radio from doing what they do, i just simply do not listen.

  2. A lot of good medicine properties….A lethal cancer fighter and healer…many, many testimonies to this fact….

  3. im a Native American Indian. I’m one that’s all for my tribe or any other tribe, to cultivate and sell Marijuana to the public. It is a regular business now, like the others. I have been smoking weed for 30 something years, quite young. I have no side effects, it does wonders on pain, and headaches. Thank you. Ths money would help all tribal members, for a better living and maybe create more jobs for there own people. If they would give them a chance to work.

    • That’s great and I should be legal However its just like our federal government to try to racially divide our country some more by a stunt like this. Good for one good for all .

      • This isn’t about racial division, and they arenโ€™t โ€œlegalizing it for Native Americansโ€. They are finally accepting that Tribal lands are sovereign nations, and as such, have the right to make their own laws rather than have laws foisted upon them by another government. They cannot force us to keep cannabis illegal any more than any other nation can enforce their laws upon people within the borders of the U.S.. This is about giving us the right to choose what is best for us, just as you have the right to choose what is best for you by voting. So if you want it legal I suggest you get active in becoming become educated about itโ€™s medicinal properties and why it was made illegal in the first place, so you can a make a strong, educated argument for itโ€™s legalization, and take on the current lawmakers in your area about the subject. Or maybe write a proposition to change the law then. Hell, even contribute money to your local Norml. Because the only way the laws will change is if YOU want them to, and if you SHOW your lawmakers just how unhappy you are with the current ones.

  4. I’m for the marijuana on the reservation’s, but it don’t sound right, first you white people gave my people so called firewater now marijuana, just saying

    • I don’t think you fully understand. They aren’t “giving” us anything. Some tribes have used Cannabis long before the white man came and told us it was illegal and that we are not allowed to use it. You cannot make nature illegal. This was placed on the earth for us to achieve a higher state of being. To say that the white man is “giving” it to us is simply not true.

  5. I don’t like marijuana, therefor, I don’t smoke it. I do have issues with the powers that be legalizing it for Native Americans. So what they are saying is “you Indians go ahead and grow, sell, and consume this drug no problem. But well it’s still a drug and a crime if say middle class white suburbia does.” So in the guise of more revenue, adequate housing, education, and health benifits they legalize it for Natives on Native lands. A very long and not friendly past has proven the powers that be did not do not and will not have the best interest of the Native People in their hearts.

    • Actually, they are doing this because of piling complaints from the native tribes. As stated above, the Indian reservations are sovereign nations and should be treated as such. The government is not forcing the natives to do anything, they are merely giving them the freedom to do as they please on this matter since we, as the people who stole their lands from them in the first place, have no right to impose such frivolous laws upon them that contradict their heritage and beliefs.

  6. This is bullshit. How is or government justifying legalizing cannabis on reservations, but not for the rest of us??? It’s great and all, but total bullshit to legalize for one group off Americans, but not everyone. Stupid

  7. Harris is in the pockets of big pharmacy,,he wants them to make the money and not individuals growing their own medicines in their yards,
    Marijuana has never caused a death since records have been kept and alcohol kills 88,000 per year,,every year,,marijuana has an addiction level of 7 and alcohol has an addiction level of 15.Mr Harris’s hypocrisy and propaganda use will follow him into his next election.

  8. Its a weed not a drug people are stupid calling weed a drug you dont see any one taking a hit then going out and killing someone shoot alcohol is way worse than a little bit of weed cigarrets cause cancer weed cures pain and calms u so to the hatters that hate on weed open your eyes and see the big picture because not only could they tax it they can also use it for alot of our rescourses its a good not a bad and its not no gateway drug u dont smoke some weed and then be like who lets do some meth tripping

  9. my question is…if it’s legal for Native Americans to grow and sell marijuana, what are the consequences of people who purchase it for medical reasons once they step foot off Native American land? Do we get arrested for having it in our possession?

  10. Why Isn’t Alaska on this map? Its a state. Were American too.

  11. does this map say that it is legalized in the colored spot of oklahoma

  12. Im partially cheerokee and blackfoot in the state of Georgia… where did our reservations go? Im also American and whats the point of saying were free if we cant use a certain plant”that grows from dirt by its self” cause the government has a problem with it. Theyll gladly hand us items thatll kill us but wont allow us to have something safe? They even made legal weed “spice” and thats killed more than alcohol. “People dont like it” if so then you dont have to do it, you dont see alcohol shut down cause people dont like it. Legalizing weed will make america more productive supportive and will drop the crime rates in my opinion. Legalize the plant already this is ridiculous!

  13. what about in alaska? theres natives there

  14. I am a new cancer patient and seriously just want to use it for my appetite. I’ve been troubled with eating and haven’t even started my treatment yet. Certain foods just don’t taste right. I have nausea so yah I’m glad to hear this. I won’t smoke the stuff I intend to make tea with it

    • i’m a incomplete paraplegic i’ve been taking pharmacy drugs for over 31 yrs off and on. paying for them meant going with out other things i needed like being able to afford to visit my kids. since it became legal for medical use here in oregon and now legal for personal use which made it a lot cheaper. i don’t need pharmacy drugs for my spasic legs, back pain, headaches, and a assorted other gems that terrorised my day. i save almost 75 percent on what i used to pay on pharmacy drugs. what amounted to 1/3 of my monthly income’ that i use to pay and yes i can afford to do things with my grand kids now that i was’t able to do with my sons im also able to do part time work as it was difficult to do anything before.

  15. when indians ran this country their was no taxes,pollution, pharmacys. reservation, consequences like being arrested for using natures medicine. you didn;t have people saying you offended them because you wouldn’t make a cake for their lesbian wedding so they are suing you for $150,000.00 men did all the hunting women did all the work what was wrong with that.

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