Results Are In for 2017, Blue Dream is the Most Popular Strain in the Country!

It seems cannabis consumers absolutely love the Blue Dream strain of marijuana. The sativa dominant strain dominated sales in all major cannabis marketplaces except in Oregon where it was second to Gorilla Glue #4. Data mainly came from Oregon, Washington and Colorado since they offered legal cannabis sales throughout 2017. It will be interesting to see what strain is the most popular in Nevada after recreational sales began in July of 2017.

2017 Best Strains Blue Dream Best Strains of All Time

There is some data out of California although legal recreational sales just began at the beginning of 2018. The Blue Dream stain is particularly prevalent on the west coast, so as more states legalize cannabis we will have to see if the popularity of Blue Dream is a regional thing. One way or another, sativas seem to be much more popular than indicas for consumers.

Coloradans spent $190.5 million on specific strains during 2017, which represents a 31 percent drop from how much they spent in 2016. The number of grams sold, too fell but not as dramatically: down 20 percent compared to 2016, at 34.8 million grams. The average retail price for a gram of something strain-specific was $5.46.

The lineup leads with Blue Dream, hitting $13,380,242 in sales, representing nearly $4 million more than its closest competitor, Durban Poison, at $9,509,373. After Durban, the competition is fairly tight for the different positions in the top 15 list.

Oregonians dropped $107.5 million on strains during 2017, which represented a drop of 1.3 percent. Gram sales rose, though, by 10 percent, to 12.68 million. Normally sales in Colorado outstrip Oregon sales by a large factor, and the difference between dollars sold in 2017 is not dramatic. But the average price per gram tells the tale: It is $8.48 in Oregon, more than $3 more per gram than in Colorado.

Data for California begins in March of 2017, but the lack of two months of sales data does not knock California out of its comfortable position โ€” at the top of the mountain. Golden Staters spent $518.65 on cannabis between March and December last year, well more than double sales in Colorado for the entire year. But California marijuana is also rather expensive โ€” the average price for a strain-specific gram of flower was $9.34.

It is interesting to see that sales dropped so dramatically for Colorado which has been the epicenter of the legal marijuana market for years now. Consumers simply have many more destinations to choose from for their cannabis getaways. Have you ever traveled to a recreational weed state just to purchase legal recreational marijuana?



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