Pharmaceutical-Grade Cannabis Manufacturing In Puerto Rico—A Talk With César Cordero Krüger On This Week’s TNMNews Radio Show


Is Puerto Rico set to become a dominant player in the cannabis industry? Learn how the island commonwealth has positioned itself to win in the global marijuana market by listening in on TNMNews host Todd Denkin in discussion with César Cordero Krüger, CEO of GB Sciences Puerto Rico. This special one-hour program becomes available for download on Independence Day, Saturday, July 4, 2015, exclusively on and select radio stations across the country.

Cannabis Comes to Puerto Rico

In this special edition of TNMNews, GB Sciences Puerto Rico CEO César Cordero Krüger explains to TNMNews host Todd Denkin that Puerto Rico is positioning itself to become the epicenter of cannabis pharmaceutical research and development. César is positioning the company to be a leader in growing cannabis for medical research as soon as new regulations for medical marijuana are ironed out.

The ball got rolling when Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla signed an executive order in 2014 authorizing the manufacturing of medical marijuana in the US territory. Although the specific details of the order have not been announced, César believes that the government’s plan is expected to involve the University of Puerto Rico, making use of the University’s new molecular science building, cancer research facilities, and independent laboratory testing.

Puerto Rico Poised to Dominate the Cannabis Market

César believes that Puerto Rico can lead the industry. He points out that the commonwealth is home to the biggest concentration of pharmaceutical industries in the world. This gives it an abundance of residents with the knowledge and experience in drug discovery, engineering, process validation, and FDA compliance to take cannabis medicine to the next level—the industrial level.

“This industry is no different than any other industry,” says César. “Marijuana is now legal in 23 states, without one single clinical trial taking place. We have all of these complaints that we are not regulated like other industries; soon this industry will be standardized with controls, and we will have to prove compliance with regulatory issues.”

When the federal government reclassifies cannabis to Schedule II, as César believes will happen, all of the big pharmaceutical players will rush to start cannabis trials. “We are already seeing scientific companies with experience in other products jumping in,” he says.

GB Sciences

Chemical composition consistency is affected by both plant genetics and the grow environment. GB Sciences, the US-based company behind the GrowBLOX technology suite of cultivation and growing equipment chambers, has created a solution for growing consistent, contaminant-free cannabis for medical research. Believing GB Sciences offered the best solution for ensuring consistency, César struck a deal with its CEO Craig Ellins to acquire the rights to design, engineer, manufacture, and commercialize GB Sciences’ GrowBLOX technology worldwide.

How the GrowBLOX System Works

GrowBLOX technology was engineered to safely and reliably deliver consistent cannabis products by preserving and replicating carefully chosen genetic stock and controlling the growing process. The process begins with propagating cloned plantlets in a sterile TissueBLOX unit, which ensures plant tissue genetic consistency in large volumes needed for commercial production.

Once they reach a certain size, plants are moved to computer-monitored and controlled GrowBLOX environmental chambers that deliver precise light, temperature, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the air, and nutrient and pH levels in the water. Once the plants have completed the growth cycle, the plants are moved to CureBLOX, where they are dried with equal uniformity.


In addition to medicinal cannabis, GB Sciences Puerto Rico is looking into hemp production. This is a huge area of opportunity for Puerto Rico because hemp is such a versatile product. It can be turned into construction material, biofuel, or a large range of products—including and hemp-based nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals. Hemp skincare has a huge market potential because anti-aging products are in great demand all over the world, and in the tropics, where the sun is intense, skin protection is also a big concern.

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