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CBDV: A review of Effects, Benefits, and Availability

CBDV can moderate the physiological activity of cannabis. Read on to know why the medicinal effects of CBDV are getting a lot of interest from scientists.

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4 Stoner Stereotypes That Are No Longer Relevant

Years ago, marijuana users were labeled as criminals and drug addicts. That ship has sailed. We're from all walks of life and not going back underground.

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Sensational Viewing: The Best TV Shows and Films for Stoners and Straights

Feel like chilling? There's nothing like the pleasure of watching. Discover suggestions for superior stoner TV shows and movies for your viewing pleasure. Settle back, light up, and let the show begin!

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What Are the Benefits of Raw Cannabis?

Raw cannabis is far from the strongest form of weed, but it might have some health benefits worth considering. Let's take a deep dive into eating raw cannabis and see what, if any, benefits this could have.

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Celebrities Who Smoke Weed

Weed smoking among celebrities has become a common trend – notable personalities are at the forefront of advocating for marijuana legalization. Here are the 6 notable celebrities and their say about their spot smoking habits.

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Step-by-Step Guide for Making a 5-Gallon Pot for Growing Cannabis

Several states throughout the country have started to allow individuals to grow their own cannabis at home. If you’re looking to experiment with growing your own cannabis plants, you’ll want to check out this guide for growing weed in a 5 gallon pot.