Dads certainly love being appreciated on Father’s Day but they also tend to stay rather ambivalent about their day. If nothing happens and everyone was to forget, many dads can just roll with it. Any sort of thank you goes a long way with us dads. Hugs and some wonderfully imaginative card creation from your 5-year old is heart warming. A phone call from your grown kids, maybe a steak for dinner, a sporting event to watch and a whole lot of relaxing sounds pretty amazing to most of us. However, the marijuana news circulating through the country may be raising a lot of dad eyebrows out there.

Stressed dad, medicinal cannabis, Father's Day cannabis, marijuana newsLet’s be honest, a lot of hard working dads out there may be living an above board life with responsibilities sitting heavy on their shoulders. But, they were youths at one point in time. Whether while attending college or in high school, the opportunity to at least try marijuana likely presented itself. Back then though, smoking marijuana meant getting stoned out of their mind, seriously breaking the law and represented as irresponsible of an act as there is. It was something their youth could afford risking, but certainly not as a gainfully employed man with children to take care of.

Perceptions are changing towards marijuana though. With the marijuana legalization movement also comes the normalization of cannabis use like alcohol. Most dads are fine with at least the occasional cocktail or beer and the world is fine with it too. In fact, the current perception of cannabis consumption is that it is an healthier choice than alcohol consumption. Research has shown that if it has any addictive properties, they are minor relative to other drugs with little to no withdrawal symptoms. Polls have shown that in states that have legalized adult-use cannabis, less opioid prescription drugs are being filled. Alcohol companies have taken a financial hit as well as demand for alcohol has lessened in states that have legalized marijuana.

There are also new perceptions on how to use cannabis. It is not to say that people have stopped rolling up joints or smoking out of bongs. Heck they have even upped the intensity of the high with concentrates like shatter for dabbing. But, there is also a trend in microdosing, vaping and edibles which can allow cannabis consumers to moderate their consumption and avoid becoming a stoned couch potato. Consider lab testing as well. It turns out that the cannabis from the illicit market is often covered in fungus or the pesticides cultivators would use to kill fungus and other pests that can infest the cannabis plant. Cannabis lab testing ensures the plant has no toxins on it and it is amazing the difference of the effects of pure cannabis relative to contaminated flower.

Vaping cannabis oil, Vape Pen, cannabis consumption, marijuana gift ideasAs Father’s Day gifts go, legal marijuana could be an extra special treat for the dads out there. A dad may be brought back to their youth if cannabis is reintroduced to them. Consider a vaporizer with cannabis oil or some cannabis gummies or even a little lab tested flower all purchased from a state legal dispensary. People have sought out stress relievers for as long as records have been kept. The concept of happy hour drinks on a Friday is a means to vent after a long week of work. While it is hard to argue that alcohol consumption is medicinal, there is no question that people try to use it just for that mental pressure release. There is an argument that all cannabis use is medicinal. If cannabis can provide that release without the side effects that comes with so many other substances, then give dad the gift that can allow him to vent even more responsibly than his traditional methods.