Cannabis Strains for Newbies

So last week I talked about some of the best strains of cannabis for the summertime. Today I wanted to talk to all of you newbies out there that are considering trying marijuana for the first time. There are some cannabis strains that may be a nice introduction to a little mary jane, like Jilly Bean and Jack Herer. Both are mentally stimulating and may be good ones to set the stage for the wide world of weed. Or, checkout some Blue Dream or Grape Ape. Read all about them in our article, “Five Starter Cannabis Strains” at

Making Cannabis Wine All By Yourself

Lately there are all of these adult alcoholic beers and wines coming out that are infused with CBD or the full spectrum of marijuana flower. We thought, hey why not let all of our followers know how to make marijuana infused wine themselves! Now, it’s not really an easy process or short, but with some patience and care you could produce some delicious cannabis concoctions all on your own. You’ll need some rubber tubing and nylons, which can be a lot of fun all by themselves, and obviously some wine and jugs to put it all in. Read more about making your own weed wine in our article, “Weed Recipes: Cannabis Infused Wine.”

Weed Recipes: Cannabis Cocktails

Speaking of alcoholic beverages with weed in them. We also have an article called, “Weed Recipes: Cannabis Cocktails” with two easy recipes for infusing either rum or vodka to make weed infused cocktails for your next get together. Since both spirits are very versatile when it comes to making any number of drinks, you can have plenty of fun experimenting with all sorts of different combinations this summer. How about a pina colada infused with Green Crack or a Martini where the vodka’s been infused with some Train Wreck? The possibilities are nearly endless!

The Downsides Of Smoking Weed

So, this may sound crazy but just for the sake of playing the devil’s advocate, bear with me. While cannabis use is often seen as relatively harmless and even beneficial to one’s health in different ways, the regular and heavy use of any substance could potentially put an individual at risk for a number of different issues. Even though weed doesn’t create an actual severe physical dependence like cocaine, amphetamines, or opioids, it can potentially lead the user to seek stronger doses and seek them in greater frequency, which are both traits of an addiction disorder. Researchers have named this type of reaction to weed “Cannabis Use Disorder” or CUD. Similarly to what happens when someone stops taking strong drugs that can lead to addiction, some researchers have suggested there are some unpleasant side effects of CUD too, which can include irritability, increased anxiety, depression and insomnia, among others things. Maybe that’s all garbage, I can’t think of time I have ever had that problem, but who knows?

Is all Cannabis Use Medicinal?

Now, to give you lots of balance, we also have another article about all marijuana use being medicinal. There is a strong argument that the so-called recreational use of marijuana is still entirely medicinal. Why not? Obviously all cannabis consumers reap the medicinal benefits of cannabis when they consume marijuana whether it is alleviating aches and pains or helping them to go to sleep. Have you tried lab tested cannabis yet versus weed from the illicit market? I don’t know about you but I have noticed a real difference. Maybe the whole stoner concept that has people passed out on the couch all day and not thinking straight has a lot more to do with the pesticides and fungus that can grow on unregulated and untested marijuana. Something to think about, isn’t it?

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