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Starting off with some politics. On Wednesday yet another bill to legalize cannabis nationally . This time the bill is sponsored was introduced to Congress, this time by the Democratic Senator from New York, Chuck Schumer.


Oklahoma Legalizes Medical Marijuana

Possibly even more important than Senator Schumerโ€™s new bill is that Oklahoma, a traditionally conservative state, legalized a very relaxed medical marijuana program on Tuesday. The voter approved law makes Oklahoma the 30th state to legalize medical marijuana and allows doctors to permit any of their patients access to medical marijuana. It also allows patients to grow 6 mature plants and possess 3 ounces of marijuana while in public and 7 ounces at home. They will even have access to concentrates for dabbing. It is the most permissive medical marijuana program in the country to date. There are two other major points to consider as to the significance of this new law. We want to hear your thoughts. Please read all about Oklahomaโ€™s new medical marijuana program at TNMnews.com and please send us your opinions.


Continuing with the change in sentiment towards cannabis, there is a real shift in perspectives on cannabis in New York. The cityโ€™s Mayor Bill de Blasio has been a major opponent of marijuana legalization siding with Attorney General Jeff Sessions on most cannabis related issues. However, last week he told police departments around the city to stop arresting people in New York for public consumption. Starting on September 1st police will only issue citations for public consumption or possession of marijuana. New York City has some of the worst statistics concerning racial disparities in marijuana possession arrests.

A provision has been added to the 2019 budget which would protect veterans that have received a state medical marijuana license from losing their VA Healthcare benefits just for consuming marijuana. Since marijuana is a Schedule 1 substance, the Office of Veterans Affairs has refused to acknowledge cannabis as a viable form of medicine and in some instances denied veterans their benefits for violating federal law. The provision could still be removed from the bill but this is the furthest any legislation has gone that would allow veterans access to medical marijuana without fear of losing their healthcare benefits. PTSD and chronic pain are qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in many states.

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Cannabis Stocks Selling Off Despite Strong Fundamental Support

Down nearly 13%


And now a little discouraging financial news. Cannabis stocks are down nearly 13% this week. It is noteworthy considering all of the strong fundamental news that has come out lately in support of the cannabis industry. The biggest piece of news being that Canada has now legalized cannabis nationally, but shortly after the news about Canada came out, the market started to drop off. Looking at the market as a whole, it has been in a consolidating pattern all year and lately investor sentiment has been slipping across the board in equities. Could it be that just when cannabis companies have started to gain some traction is when the overall economy slides into a recession or worse? We will be keeping a close eye on the equity markets. Remember, risk management is everything.

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