Last week on March 19th California Governor Gavin Newsom announced a new order for all California residents to stay home… and for all non-essential businesses to close their doors. This includes bars, restaurants, retail stores, shopping malls and even movie theaters just to name a few. Essential businesses like grocery stores, gas stations, healthcare offices and pharmacies were however ordered to stay open.

Some were confused whether cannabis dispensaries would fall under essential or nonessential since cannabis is really a way of life and extremely popular in California.

Well it turns out, cannabis dispensaries in California have been deemed essential. So, they are allowed to continue operating despite the statewide lockdown as long as the pot shops follow social distancing rules. This includes staying 6 feet apart from one another and not allowing more than 10 people into a dispensary at once.

Since most Californians have demonstrated their belief that cannabis is essential – especially during a crisis – it’s good to see that the California governor stands with the citizens and has allowed dispensaries to stay open.

Two weeks ago, San Francisco decided to lock the doors of all dispensaries but that only lasted a few days. Then, The San Francisco Department of Public Health quickly deemed cannabis essential as many San Franciscans rely on cannabis as their only medication, and allowed them to reopen their doors.

A San Francisco based delivery platform Eaze, reported last week that they had more than double the number of first-time orders on March 18th, compared to the same day a year ago in 2019.

Some cannabis facilities normally have a team of 25 people or even more trimming and packaging products daily. With this new order companies have been forced to have no more than 5 or 6 workers at one time. This is causing major issues with trying to keep up with the high demand similar to what’s happening in Nevada.

Dispensaries here in Los Angeles fall under the healthcare category which is allowing them to say open as an essential business as well.

This really shows how important cannabis is to California as a whole. With fear circulating across the global many people rely on cannabis to help them keep their sanity. Cannabis helps many users keep calm and prevent anxiety and let’s face it we all need help relaxing right now.

With COVID-19 spreading all over the world people are stocking up all over California just in case things escalate and people are no longer able to purchase cannabis.

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