LAS VEGAS is our first stop! There is a WEED MUSEUM opening up this August in Sin City! The museum is called the Cannabition Cannabis Museum and will be located at the top of the Neonopolis on Fremont Street. The museum is celebrating EVERYTHING weed and was set to open in July, to celebrate the one year anniversary of legal adult-use cannabis sales in Sin City, but it seems Aug 2 is their grand opening. Better late than never! One of the biggest attractions, literally, people will find at the new weed museum, will be a 22 foot tall glass blown bong, being made by no other than Jerome Baker Designs in Seattle.

TNMNews Article Guiding People Through a Marijuana Dispensary Shopping Experience

With adult-use marijuana now legal in 9 different states plus Washington D.C., cannabis dispensaries may be popping nearby or you may be inclined to travel this summer to a nearby state to see what they are like. First time patrons of a marijuana dispensary may be a little unsure of what to expect. Check out our article on ‘How To Properly Buy Weed Legally.’

How Weed Can Help You Relax

A lot of people simply like to smoke, vape or eat cannabis to help them relax. It is a growing trend for people that have traditionally turned to prescription drugs as a means to help them relax to now look for more natural remedies. Cannabis can certainly calm you down, but it can also rev you up or put you to sleep entirely. Read our article, ‘How Weed Can Help You Relax’ to learn about strain types that are best for simply chilling out, and also about microdosing and other ways to moderate your intake so that you can reach that perfect Goldilocks zone of serenity.

A Movie with an All-Star Cast all about Weed Came Out Last Week, Boundaries

So, this movie was released last Friday called Boundaries that is getting quite a bit of attention. It was written and directed by Shana Feste who also directed Country Strong, and is a little autobiographical. Apparently Shana’s dad sold weed for a living when she was a kid and that inspired her for this story. Boundaries stars Christopher Plummer, Vera Farmiga and even Christopher Lloyd who if you do not know played the well loved character Dr. Emmett Brown from Back to the Future.

What have been Your Experiences with Employers Drug Testing for Marijuana

Now that more than half the country has legalized medical marijuana, the debate about employers drug testing for marijuana is raging. A lot of people are arguing that employers should logically treat marijuana consumption just like alcohol consumption. Many employers around the country seem to be seeing it that way as well while others are still stubbornly unable to let go of the stigma surrounding marijuana. We want to hear from you, our followers, about experiences you have had with cannabis drug testing. Whether it is a story about failing a test or the lengths you went to pass a test, or anything else having to do with your cannabis consumption and your employer. You can leave comments on our Facebook page @nationalMJnews.

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Cannabis Extracts, Concentrates And More

With all of the New Version of Cannabis Extracts, We Put Together a Guide

Many of you out there may be surprised by just how many different cannabis products are on the market now, especially all of the concentrates. Let’s see, there is shatter, budder, crumble, wax, honey and more. How are they made? And, what is the difference between them? Read all about the different types of concentrates out there in our article, ‘Cannabis Extracts, Concentrates And More’ at The whole dabbing craze has brought cannabis to an entirely different level.

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