Jeff Sessions Concedes that it is Appropriate to Study Cannabis

Dr. Marc Siegel discussed the recent Attorney General Jeff Sessions marijuana admission that it may have medicinal benefits on the Kennedy Show on Fox Business News. He basically summarized the comments as way too little way too late.  Jeff Sessions has been one of marijuana’s most influential and loud opponents having rescinded the Cole Memo earlier this year which let US attorneys around the country loose on state legal cannabis businesses. They really have not done much with their new freedom but Jeff Sessions did slow investment capital from flowing as freely into the cannabis industry. In front of Congress last Wednesday, Sessions gave an inch stating, “…there may well be some benefits from medical marijuana” and that it is “perfectly appropriate to study” marijuana.

Marijuana legalization is changing the perspectives of people around the country. It is clear that marijuana can help people with pain management which has translated into less opioid prescriptions being filled and a drop in opioid overdose deaths in states like Colorado that have completely legalized the adult-use of cannabis. Jeff Sessions still refuses to accept that cannabis could actually help the raging opioid epidemic that is devastating lives here in the United States. If Jeff Sessions accepts the idea that marijuana should be studied, then by default he is basically saying that cannabis does not belong in the federal Schedule 1 category which nearly makes marijuana impossible to research by professional scientists that are afraid of the legal ramifications of studying cannabis illegally or the possibility of losing their funding.

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