Marijuana Mixed With Coconut Oil Kills Cancer Cells

An amazing article brought to our attention by the great Jason Beck, owner of AHHS, dispensary in West Hollywood California. really broke things down regarding cannabis and cancer. After seamlessly pointing out the unjustified prohibition and scheduling of marijuana, one of the most important points is made:

“There have been over 20000 studies and papers on the cannabis plant and its use, yet a third of that is published in the last 4 years.”

Which is an understatement to say the least, it seems that each day more uses, discoveries, revelations, news, mergers, and investments.

But some “nuggets” of information are significantly more important than others…like this one: reports:

Instead of smoking and inhaling marijuana, there are pills infused in coconut oil, allowing them easy entry into the liver. Coconut oil is used because of its fatty acids which bind well with the cannabinoids. It also has health properties. Half of the fat in coconut oil is made from the lauric acid, a fat not found in nature. Lauric acid has been praised for its healing abilities and is present in mother’s milk. It can actually be found in just 3 sources: butterfat, palm kernel and coconut oil.
In the body, this acid is converted into monolaurin, which is a powerful antiviral, antibacterial and antiprotozoal substance. It’s a monoglyceride, meaning it can destroy lipid coated viruses such as HIV, herpes or influenza.
Testimony – a success story
While many are still skeptic for marijuana use in medicine purposes, Stan and Barb Rutner are living proof of its properties.
Barb had two fights with breast cancer while Stan was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, which disappeared after treatment. However, it reappeared in 2011, when cancerous nodes were found in Stan’s lungs, and later in his brain. A very tough situation. As he went through therapy, Stan and his family found a natural way of improving his quality of life – cannabis. He and Barb too tried it and it worked wonders.
The Rutner’s daughter Corrine and her husband researched a little and found that the cannabis pills infused with coconut oil were the best choice. After just two weeks, Stan stopped using the oxygen tank. Then he gained weight, and become stronger overall. After a few months, his brain cancer was gone!
They are now completely assured that cannabis is an anti-cancer miracle. According to John, the Rutner’s son-in-law, “There is no doubt in my mind that cannabis pulled my father-in-law out of the wasting stages of cancer and enabled him to gain strength and in turn fight this horrible cell malfunction with success. While many would say that the chemo and radiation could have played apart, he would never have lived long enough to find out without cannabis oil.”


  1. “Half of the fat in coconut oil is made from the lauric acid, a fat not found in nature. Lauric acid has been praised for its healing abilities and is present in mother’s milk. It can actually be found in just 3 sources: butterfat, palm kernel and coconut oil.”

    I think you need to proofread your editing before publishing! A fat not found in nature? What? Check your quote here.

  2. Poorly written article. No info about the coconut oil. Just weird. What is the intention here, just to make me click on a good story line and then blow me away with shitty writing?

    • Did you get the jist of the story or did you just come on here to troll?
      There are better and far more important battles to fight. I.E. CANCER

      • I thought the same thing, Brandon. They mention that lauric acid isn’t found in nature… and then go on to list three sources of it in nature.

        When an article has this much conflicting information, it’s tough to take any of it seriously. Makes you doubt all of it.

        • It is a form of expression saying that it isn’t found very easily in nature unlike other things i.e. Vegetable oil, because there are only three things that contain it, this is not a lot. This is not the point of the article to not pick people’s writing. The point of the article is to inform people that there are alternatives to fighting cancer than chemotherapy which attacks our body at the same time it is attacking the cancer. Oh and by the way (another form of expression) the Doctors and Pharmaceutical companies that come up with all these quote on quote medicines that have a thousand side effects can read write and spell pretty damn good, but yet they are the ones pumping us full of drugs that are gradually killing us. Sounds like those are the people you shouldn’t trust. They treat symptoms, cannabis cures symptoms, and Coconut oil is a very good way for our body to utilize its many medicinal benefits.

          • Nit pick*

          • Actually . Sharing knowledge is about planting seeds of knowledge. Now I’ve read something to investigate more on my own. What if you all were standing in the shoes of the person , who hurt her arm one day, at the ER the xray caught , by accident, large tumors in the bone marrow. Early stages. Yes I appreciate the sharing and will use my God given brain to investigate and decide.
            I thank you.

        • I think he just forget the word “usually”.

  3. cmon guys stop nit picking

  4. “Not found in nature”??? Where do these coconuts come from? Mars?

  5. Hire an editor so that we can begin to take these articles seriously, please. There are many, many grammatical errors.

  6. You too can make cannabis-infused coconut oil at home. The important thing is to decarboxylate the cannabis first.

  7. As a botanist and a cancer survivor I call shenanigans.

    • I agree. While I am not a scientist, I have worked in healthcare and academic healthcare research. I have no problem legalizing marijuana for any reason, but I am very wary of all of the claims of the magical healing powers for cancers of all types. I have lost many loved ones to cancer over the years and would love for that magic potion to appear, but where is the documented, official, long-term clinical and clinical trial evidence of these claims? Certainly oncologists know cannibus is a great anti-emetic for those suffering the horrible effects of chemotherapy. But a complete cure? On whose word, authority, scientific testing over an acceptably-long period of time? Obviously it isn’t out there because cannibus is illegal and the K2 crap that was finally banned was developed to mimic canniboids in scientific testing, but the test results don’t stand because they weren’t testing on actual cannibus. Again, it does have some scientifically-verifiable medical uses that point to great promise for expansion. But I truly think it is irresponsible to make claims of curing X number of types of Cancer before the proof is out there. There are standards on the way medical trials and other research is done for a reason. Sadly, that is the excuse used by pharmaceutical companies for the obscene prices of medications and why many turn to cannibus for relief without the benefit of real scientific data, prescribing information, etc. Truly, most of the oncologists I know would be happy to have cannibus legal and the scientific proof to use it to treat their patients. It’s a conundrum that will take a while to sort out – especially as research continues to prove its usefulness, many industries will increase their lobbying efforts to keep it illegal because they stand to lose their financial shirts.

      • Genesis 1:29 And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth,
        and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for food.

        Psalms 104:14 He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth

        Malachi 1:11 For from the rising of the sun even unto the going down of the same my name shall be great among the Gentiles; and in every place incense shall be offered unto my name, and a pure offering: for my name shall be great among the heathen, saith the LORD of hosts.

        Exodus 35:8 And oil for the light, and spices for anointing oil, and for the sweet incense,

        Revelation 18:23…. for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.
        Cannabis oil cures baby of an Inoperable Brain Tumor says Dr.William Courtney

      • It’s a schedule 1 meaning they are not allowed to do out of dishtray human clinical studies. Only on rats. Which leave skepticism. So bascially they are saying we don’t know if this works so let wait for information why stopping information coming in. They are evil maniacal people.

      • *Cannabis not Cannabus – I really think you should continue to do your research, just because it’s not all over the news like some miracle drug. Big Pharma doesn’t want that, and lets face it the government makes more money off of cannabis being illegal then they do if it was taxed. And they get FREE labor from the people who are locked up. I’m sorry that you have lost loved ones to cancer, and it would have been great if you would have known about this amazing plant. And no it doesn’t take a very long time to cure what cancers it will cure (it doesn’t cure them all!) It’s usually a 90 day treatment, of a gram a day.

    • It’s proven that cannabis is better than anything that America’s Biggest Drug Cartel , the Pharmacutical companies. They kill more people than any one organization in the world. They even get to lobby Congress to do it.

  8. Why no recipe? Or is it half and half?

  9. I have also lost family to “cancer” or should I say “the cancer treatments”? Wendy in my opinion my mother died from the cancer treatments not the dis-ease of cancer.
    Where are all the double blind trials to prove chemo and radiation are effective cures?
    If someone is still barely alive after 5 years its called success -even though perhaps that person should have lived another 40 years…
    Bring on the cannabis and coconut oil I say -and everything else. ‘Conventional’ treatment is an expensive scam and a death sentence.

    • I have a new friend that has old friends still alive with HIV who kept quiet and had no treatment but, he also had friend that took all of the “medical treatment and are all dead.

  10. I thought for sure this was an Onion news article.

    The level of ignorance of the article and everyone calling traditional cancer treatment a “scam” is horrifying. It is like a parody of what is siad by 14 year olds lol

  11. I slave away in labs trying to improve medications and treatments for various cancers (specifically non small cell lung cancers). It is pretty demoralizing to see this tripe being so readily believed and pushed around.

    • The chemo chemicals being pumped into people just hastens their death and elevates their suffering while they wait to die. The crime here is the profit being extracted by these purveyors of poison. This week we will bury another loved one who died as a result of this profiteering and culling of good people. It is no surprise that people want to believe articles like this one. I have seen first hand, too many times, how the mainstream medical establishment protects its profits by blocking common sense, non-pharmaceutical solutions to health problems because they can’t profit from it. If want to hear about demoralizing, talk to someone who was watched their loved ones suffer through this chemo poisoning only to die anyway. That is the real scam here.

    • Just because you slave away creating these drugs, doesn’t mean you’re making the right drugs, and people are wrong. I think you just don’t want to face the fact that you went to school, and took all this time to learn what you’ve learned, and now it would be in your best interest (and the interest of the people who take your drugs) for you to start learning about other treatments. It’s all over the web, there are not 1 or 2 cases, or even a couple of hundred, there are THOUSANDS of cases of cancer being cured by cannabis. You need to start looking at the facts. That’s why people are believing it, because it’s true!

  12. I have witnessed a friend with stage 3 colon cancer become much more vital and strong after taking cannabis oil. Before he was very weak and could not hear him speak over the phone. A day later on the oil, his voice was booming and strong…..There are enough cases of people healing on cannabis oil and as someone said above, not much for healing with chemo leaving people half dead. If they manage, a few manage but this has surely got to be one of the most barbaric treatments around…..of course the Pharmaceutical companies making mega bucks don’t care…..there have been many treatments for cancer but the powers to be, don’t want people going there….all down to money and power…..People need to take responsibility for their own health and realise there are softer, lighter ways to go.

  13. If the pills are not available in your area can you simply makes coping well and me together and drink it daily If this can be done does anybody know the amount used to make this mixture or how much per day a person needs to drink I have been diagnosed with lymphoma and, I am refusing treatment at this time I have gone through chemo therapy in the past I’m not going Through it again any help for advice would be greatly appreciated

  14. “There have been over 20000 studies and papers on the cannabis plant and its use, yet a third of that is published in the last 4 years”… and yet you reference none. I would love to see evidence of if and how medicinal cannabis works, but we need more research and clinical trials to be done.

  15. Cannibis doesn’t cure anything. It doesn;’t cure cancer. Legit Cancer societies have far more knowledge about this stuff any of this hippie media stuff does, and they say no. Its not rocket science though. Pot is readily available. If cancer patients want to smoke it or eat it or mix it with money, what’s stopping them? Pot being illegeal? It doesn’t stop anyone else.So where are all these cancer patients being cured by pot then? Surely if pot cures cancer they’de be all over the pot dealers and cancer free wouldn’t they? People are dumb to believe any of this. Pot cures nothing. It gets ya high. Thats what people want. It doesn’t cure nothing. it may RELIEVE some symptoms. But so does alcohol. So does heroin. Pick your poison. If you people want anyone to support your cause for medical marijuana you should at LEAST tell the truth. I have no problem with legalization. But I’m getting tired of all the bullshit spread by the pro pot activists. For the sake of kids , Id rather see people give the straight goods about pot. You are always better off without it. But if you wanna smoke it, at least just say, “Its my guilty pleasure. My crutch. My choice” Its the only case you have.

    • Seth, I understand your position that people shouldn’t over-sell the potential of cannabis therapy. However, as a person currently using cannabis for pain relief I strongly disagree with your assertions regarding “Its my guilty pleasure. My crutch. My choice” etc. Nor am I “dumb”.
      I am a person in my 50’s. I stopped using cannabis for pleasure (guilty or otherwise) over 30 years ago. If you need to lash out at someone, put some thought into it.
      The US government classifies cannabis as a class one substance. This means it potentially develops dependency while offering no medical benefit. It is rather confusing how the same government holds multiple patents for its medical use. Combined this with the government’s alleged involvement with Iran/Contra scandal. Selling drugs to it’s own citizens to raise funds to arm a militia to overthrow a democratically elected government. Then they put the citizens that used those same drugs in jail. Now, if you’ve caught up to this….Ask yourself if a government that would stoop that low could possibly resist efforts by pharmaceutical lobbyists to protect billions of dollars in profits regardless of cost to its citizens?
      Truth is I was put on gabapentin and hydro morph for pain relief. They did nothing for me but, I paid through the nose for them. What these did do is affect my personal judgement in serious ways. One of which was to almost get arrested in Disneyland for getting into a physical altercation with security. My friends can’t stop laughing at the thought I would be that aggressive. I’m not anything like that. It took me months to discover it was a side-effect of these drugs I was sold…legally.
      It was a friend seeing how much pain I was in that suggested I try cannabis oil. It took me a while but I finally agreed to try it. I can’t begin to relate the difference I felt in pain relief.
      Your position to keep cannabis illegal simply because “It doesn’t stop anyone else” is in your words “bullshit”. I shouldn’t be threatened with prison because I found a more effective method of treatment that doesn’t involve paying ridiculous money for harmful chemicals that do not produce the required outcome for me.
      I do agree cannabis oil did not cure my specific issue. I was never under the impression it would. But when a chronic condition develops one’s health is drastically impacted by simple things like eating and sleeping as well as a reduction in associated pain.
      I also agree that some people may have alternate agendas. No matter if those people are just pot-heads looking to get high or others frothing at the mouth to stop them, both those people do nothing but hurt the rest of us that honestly find cannabis very useful and shouldn’t be criminalized for it.
      The recipe I use is simple:
      1/8 of Indica
      2 tbls of Coconut oil
      You can get the directions for the process from many websites.

    • Seth you should not be getting mad at people you have never even heard out, you get yourself to Eugene Oregon and I’ll connect you with everybody you would need to talk to about medical marijuana. You and others are just to stubborn to realize that it does cure cancer and other ailments. I have had Chronic back pain the last 8-9 due to several car accidents including being struck by a car going 50+ miles per hour in Ponchatoula, Louisiana. I have had surface tension numbness in my hip for the last 5 years and I am using marijuana as a medicine. It is the ONLY thing that works on my pain ( including morphine, hydrocodone, Vicodin, OxyContin, Percocet, and Norco are a few that I have taken. None of them do anything unless you start taking more and more than you should. Then your body goes through a detox if you ever can’t get them or you have to wait to long for an apt to get a prescription for them. Never had any of those problems with Marijuana, I have even been without it for weeks at a time and guess what, no detox. Not only does it have those pain benefits but I am starting to regenerate my nerve endings in my hip so I can start feeling tension in my hip and it is also eliminating arthritis in my elbow from when my ulna split through my skin from being hit by the car. And the other amazing thing is that I have ALL the medical records to prove it as well as an outright stop to Physical Therapy appointments because I don’t need them anymore for my back rehabilitation. You can hate if you wanna hate but you CAN NOT discredit what medical can ibis has done for me and my health. I hope that you can have a more open mind about it and how it literally can cure physicals ailments of people’s lives.

    • You need to do your homework buddy …
      You DON’T know and have no claims. Get your facts straight.

    • Now be a good little sheep. You’ve so fell into their lap. You’re just the person the US government wants to be a citizen. You will fall for anything they say. Now be a good little sheep.

  16. Couldn’t throw in some actual useful scientific facts regarding anything other than the general benefits of coconut oil? Did you not know where to find any?


  17. Seth, unless you have used it and had ailments specifically treated with cannabis, please shut up. I have had two friends use 8mg before bed and they no longer have sleep apnea.
    I have 2 friends who use the coconut and cannabis on knee surgery and pulled muscles and found relief.
    I have had multiple sleep disorders and anxiety and the smallest of doses have taken the place of a few pharmaceutical drugs. DO YOUR HOMEWORK and dont argue with PROVEN RESULTS. This IS science.

  18. I use a CBD oil that has a bit more CBD then THC, I mix them approxamity 50:1 ratio 2{b9c41f62a37c687b31b667cf69204c41d59060d4b370c48d31ec094649de4955} then I refrigerate the mixture break it up in to small pieces with a butter knife. Then I put pieces in to my coffee or tea all day giving me a constant low dose. I also take oil pills that I am able to get from a compassion club. It is working for me in 2 ways first it is shrinking my brain tumour and secondly it has lowered the amount of constant pain I was in allowing me to lower my doses of pain meds Hydromorphone by over 95{b9c41f62a37c687b31b667cf69204c41d59060d4b370c48d31ec094649de4955} from 200mgs daily to 7.5mgs. No I am not fully healed but my quality of life has improved.

  19. To reply to Seth, smoking cannabis will shrink dead cell groupings in the lungs that would turn carcinogenic later on in life. So yes, smoking cannabis cures lung cancer or to put it properly PREVENTS LUNG CANCER, chief.

  20. I agree with rob…I was hit by a forklift in 2006 I have now had 8 openback surgeries and also have 4 steel rods and 16 screws and bolts in my spine the stuff actually helps . I was on 80 mg 40 mg and 20mg oxycontin 3 times a day and it ruined my family and almost killed me till I got switched to medicinal weed and oil I now take percocette 2 three times daily and that stuff and I can function way better than I did

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    • Does the Marijuana oil treat mentioned help for metastasized prostate cancer?
      Harry Bygdnes

    • Hello dr, Simpson. I would love some help. I was recently diagnosed with extreme Adema that was later found to be liver and kidney failure. I would love any help I can get. I’m not wealthy by any means and the dr’s have bled me dry of the money I did have stashed away I live in a waiting room at this point please help. I hope you’re serious and this isn’t some cruel joke.

  25. I never knew cannabis oil was indeed wonderful and very effective in treating cancer.if not for the government and their so called rules in regulating cannabis my husband would have still been alive.i was really touched and surprised when i watch lots of documentary on how cannabis oil had helped lot of people whom their family members never thought they could make it after undergoing several ”Chemo” from the dept of my heart i must say a word of appreciation to Dr.Antonio for the timely intervention in the life of my son suffering from Kidney Cancer. as i am writing this testimony on this Blog, my Son is so strong and healthy in spite he hasn’t completed the total Dosage.For cannabis and medical consultation try and get in touched with him through his email: so he can enlightened you

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  28. As a surviving son from a parent ravage by these cancer treatments, I say to hell with you proponents opinion of how chemo and radiation are the most effective means of treating these diseases. My fathers body was obliterated by chemo, surgery and radiation and was a shell when he passed. He admitted if he had known how the treatment would leave him he would have never consented.. Its effectively poison.. Hello!! Chemo.. Chemicals.. RADIATION!! two things your taught from a young age to avoid consuming aka entering your body.. I wonder why.. I am all for finding natural remedies that don’t cause you to introduce harmful substances into your system.. Western medicines are all about the treatments($) and not the CURE..

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  30. What happens when you mix it with coffee, alcohol and then go for a heart stress test where adinisone is administered, since that stress tests often kills people as it is? There are no warnings on these deadly heart tests regarding that.

  31. What happens when you mix it with coffee, alcohol and then go for a NUCLEAR heart stress test where adinisone and Thallium is administered, along with massive massive doses of radiation, since that stress tests often kills people as it is? There are no warnings on these deadly heart tests regarding that.
    FDA Issues Warning on Regadenoson, Adenosine

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