Marijuana Legislation Now On the Table in New Jersey

New Jersey is plainly excited about the prospects of offering legalized marijuana to the state and visitors. New Jersey marijuana legislation was introduced today to legalize adult-use cannabis and Phil Murphy will follow-through on all of his marijuana promises to the voters.

He would likely sign off on nearly any legislation that legalizes recreational marijuana in New Jersey unless it is not liberal enough. New Jersey could make a lot of money from the sale of marijuana. New Yorkers would be more than happy to take the short drive down to its southern cousin to buy legal marijuana.

New Jersey lawmakers kicked off the new session by again introducing legislation to legalize marijuana.

Democratic state Sen. Nicholas Scutari introduced the measure allowing the recreational use of marijuana on Tuesday, the same day the new session of the Democrat-led Legislature convened.

Incoming Democratic governor Phil Murphy campaigned on legalizing marijuana. GOP Gov. Chris Christie is a vocal opponent.

The legislation is identical to a measure introduced in the previous session that legalizes the recreational use of marijuana for those 21 and older.

Since it is a foregone conclusion now that marijuana will be legal in New Jersey, we can begin to calculate the long-term impact of legalization on the east coast. How long will New York tolerate its residents going to New Jersey to buy marijuana and then possibly buy some lunch or dinner or maybe even do some shopping too?

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