The First Jamaica Dispensary is Waiting for its First Crop of Medical Mairjuana

First Crop of Medical Marijuana Drying at the Kaya Herbhouse

Jamaica’s Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) regulates the new medical marijuana industry on the Caribbean island and is monitoring closely the first crop of medical cannabis to be sold at the first Jamaica dispensary, Kaya Herbhouse. Jamaica’s long history with marijuana or ganja is well known but is actually localized to the Rastafarian community. While the CLA wants to embrace the traditions of Jamaica, they are looking to take the medical cannabis industry in a new direction.

Potential patients will have to see a doctor and be granted license to purchase medical cannabis much like we do here in the United States. Jamaica is also not looking to miss out on the tax revenue that can be generated from cannabis sales in an organized and regulated market.

โ€œI am truly honoured as a Jamaican to make the historic step where our country can finally monetise on this industry as Europe, Australia, India, China, and the US have already done,โ€ Balram Vaswani, chairman of Kaya Farms, said. โ€œKaya Herbhouse is set to officially open its doors in March 2018 โ€” for the first phase of the opening to the public in which all Jamaicans and tourists will need to comply with one of the four regulations for the purchase of ganja and ganja products.

โ€œWe remain in compliance with the rules enacted by the CLA, and persons will be able to legally purchase marijuana for medicinal purposes while also being able to experience the Kaya Herbhouse and Kaya Cafรฉ,โ€ Vaswani continued.

According to the release, Kaya’s goal is to make Jamaica the flagship of the global wellness tourism industry and become the new symbol of the island’s roots and lifestyle.

For many people in Jamaica, marijuana is not embraced and there is a very negative stigma attached to it. The island country though does have strong traditions and its economy could certainly benefit from the potential financial boost that can come from cannabis sales. Have any of you recently been to Jamaica and found the cannabis culture to still be strong?


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