While Rich the Kid did not explicitly make an offer for anyone to get paid to smoke weed, it is unlikely that the one or two individuals he eventually hires won’t be permitted to take at least a few hits off of their original work. There is already a lot of stiff competition for the job of being a personal blunt roller for the young rapper as even a supposed physicist has expressed interest.

For many of you out there, the idea of getting a steady paycheck to roll-up these specialized Backwoods blunts called fatwoods may sound like a great opportunity to get paid to smoke weed, but a gimmick like this maybe nothing more than a publicity stunt. You can always try reaching out to Rich the Kid on Instagram and see what happens.

Rich The Kid is a rapper known for the hit single “Plug Walk” and the owner of a record label called Rich Forever Music. His quest for the best blunt rollers started on Wednesday when he made a couple of posts expressing his need for help. In his first post, he posed with Boris, his new driver that “got hired right out the dealership,” the caption read. He ended the post by saying “all I need is a personal blunt roller tho.”

Two hours later, he posted a video on Instagram telling his followers to make it two. The rapper could be seen sitting with two giant bags of weed filled with two different strains and a pack of rare backwoods to his left.

As for their pay, Rich The Kid says, “I’m paying cash money, I’m saying racks if you can roll these blunts.”

Despite the lack of details, his comment section became flooded with people expressing their interest in the position. One user even shared his qualifications writing, “I can roll a quarter of weed in a wood in 40 seconds and I’m a physics major with a 4.0.”

The normalization of marijuana continues with even more people supporting marijuana legalization than ever before, especially medical marijuana. Do you believe more opportunities to get paid to smoke weed are likely to come up as the movement to legalize marijuana continues to progress?

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