There’s a lot your budtender can do for you. While they might not be able to help you with weed after surgery, they can answer just about any question you have about cannabis products.

Budtenders are part barista, part industry expert, part connoisseur. They are bridging the gap between a general public that might have only ever smoked random weed and an industry full of craft products and complex strains of cannabis. The best way to find the right weed for you is just to have a chat with the budtenders at your local cannabis shop.

Here’s why budtenders have risen to become the go-to cannabis workers.

Budtenders Are Taking Center Stage

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Budtenders are now at the forefront of the cannabis industry. Is it a point of contact for employees that are connecting the public with the ever-increasing amount of cannabis products on the market. These are the people you go to when you want to find a new edible, a new way to enjoy cannabis, we’re just to catch up on the new products that have come out recently.

Budtenders have a row merged because of changes in the cannabis market. As cannabis legalization continues to spread throughout the United States and other countries, more cannabis products are hitting the market. It’s not just weed brownies and a few strains of cannabis anymore.

Budtenders have specialized knowledge of all of these different products. This helps them secure their place in this industry by having expert knowledge that is difficult to acquire. It also helps consumers by giving them quick access to the right products for their needs.

This is why a good budtender is better than branding.

Better Than Branding

There’s still a lot of conversation around how best to enjoy weed. People are looking for answers for everything from can you enjoy weed after surgery to simply looking for the best products. A good budtender solves this problem.

Branding isn’t as successful in cannabis as in other industries. Customers just aren’t usually shopping for “brand X” weed. They’re looking for experiences, flavors, and advice.

This is where budtenders step in. They are the workers that connect cannabis shoppers with what they need. Customers are more likely to ask a budtender “What’s good?” than to come in looking for a specific name brand.

This means that companies should cultivate good relationships with budtenders to help their products reach a new audience. It also means that customers can rely on budtenders to help them find what they need.

Speaking of, what are the products that people are looking for?

What People Want

It’s a little surprising to find out what kinds of cannabis products consumers actually shop for.

Despite the flood of cannabis sodas, prerolls, and other products, good old flower still winds up on top. It seems that customers are still shopping for flower first and foremost according to what budtenders have reported back in interviews.

This doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty of variety. Customers are increasingly aware of strains, products, and different smoking styles.

The popularity of CBD products is still on the rise. It’s emerging as a solid alternative for people who want something a little bit more mellow.

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Craft Cannabis

Craft cannabis covers everything from the best edibles for pain after surgery to edibles designed by celebrity chefs.

Craft has become a highly important factor when shopping for weed. This means that customers are looking for specialty strains of cannabis as well as high quality edibles. There’s still a place for simple weed brownies, but people have developed a taste for things that are a little bit more fancy.

Another one of the surprising facts is that people are looking for cannabis that’s high quality rather than high in THC.

Quality Over THC Content

There’s been something of a THC arms racing cannabis lately. A high THC content has become something that has eclipsed other factors in cannabis advertising. It’s a commonly known fact that cannabis has a much higher THC content today than it did decades ago.

However, customers aren’t necessarily looking for high THC. Budtenders across the country are saying that individuals are more likely to want a cannabis product that gives them a great experience rather than one that just has the highest THC possible.

The next time you go shopping for cannabis, have a chat with your budtender and see what kind of experience they can help you to enjoy.