Come Laugh with The Boys

Hey, what’s up?! My name is Connor, I’m the host of a podcast called The Boys are Back in Town! It’s a fun show I do with some of my closest friends. Their names are Brandon, Sy and AJ. We all met in high school in Las Vegas where we grew up. Since we’ve known each other for such a long time it helps us generate raw and authentic conversations, which makes for a hilarious show. We have very good chemistry and feel really comfortable talking to each other.

We like to cover a wide range of topics on our podcast. We discuss current events and what’s going on in the world. From Jeff Bezos going to space to Las Vegas opening cannabis lounges we like to talk about all things happening in the news. Honestly, no topic is off limits as we try to create a show that is uncensored and feels as if you are just hanging out with us at the bar.

You can find us on all social media platforms under the handle @TBABNT where we post all sorts of funny content. We post old videos of the boys drinking, talking trash, trying hot sauces and some clips of the actual recording of the show. So give us a follow today and we promise you won’t regret it!

Thought Provoking

Hypothetical questions are also a big part of our show. I like to ask the boys some wild and absurd questions that make them think outside the box. They are fun scenarios that always create some hilarious conversion. For example: What’s one restaurant you could eat at everyday for the rest of your life? Or if there was a wave of 10 year old’s coming at you, how many do you think you could take out before they overran you?

These aren’t all the questions that the boys cover, they also like to think of “Highdeas” ideas you think of when you’re high. These types of questions also create some hilarious answers and also keep the listener entertained. For example: Does a straw have one hole or two?

Migo’s Music

Another huge part of the show is a segment we have dubbed Migo’s Music. Quick background AJ aka Migo is a local artist here in Las Vegas. He goes by the rap name Absent Minded and you can find some of his music on SoundCloud and youtube. Migo takes a deep dive on what new music is out in the world and the boys chime in with what new music they’ve been listening to as well. 

We also discuss upcoming music festivals and their line ups. The boys have been to a large number of musical festivals so can often give advice about the experience and if an artist is worth seeing live or not. The boys also cover various stories relating to music like upcoming albums, run-ins with the law and several other stories. Music is important to the boys and has an important role in the podcast.

Sports are Tight

The boys are huge fans of sports, so we always end the show with a large discussion about the different leagues and sports we love. Each of us have our favorite teams which creates some fun friendly rivalries. The NFL and NBA definitely take the majority of our sports section but that’s not all we talk about. We also have a fantasy football league that is discussed during football season and things can get a little contentious. 

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The boys and I also like to discuss UFC fights and boxing matches, especially the new celebrity boxing matches that seem to be happening every other week. 

We are a huge Golden Knights podcast so whenever the Knights are doing good we like to give them shoutouts. That’s really as far as our hockey knowledge goes but we still like to discuss it as well.

Baseball definitely takes a backseat to these other sports but it is still mentioned from time to time especially during the playoffs and world series.

The Boys are Back in Town!
The Boys: Sy, AJ, Connor and Brandon from left to right.

Mental Vacation

The goal of the show is to create a mental vacation from reality. We hope to give the listener an opportunity to kick back, relax and unplug from the world, and more importantly have a laugh while doing it. Sometimes a good podcast can be the best thing for getting through work. That’s where the boys come in! You can find our show on Apple podcast, Spotify, Pandora and most places you get your podcasts. So just search “The Boys are Back in Town!” and come laugh with the boys! Cheers!

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