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Surterra Wellness Overview

If you’re looking for quality and affordable cannabis products in the Sarasota, FL area, check out Surterra Wellness. They have two locations in the SRQ area; one in Bradenton and one in North Port- and both offer a wide range of medical marijuana options from which to choose. 

Surterra Wellness has built its reputation in the Florida medical marijuana market on its Wellness line, a CBD:THC ratio-based variety of products aimed at treating specific ailments. Surterra also provides consistent inventory and selection, so they have developed some loyalty in the marijuana market because of their quality and reliability. Their stores are always clean and they never have a long line, which is hard to say about some of the dispensaries in Sarasota. They have been quickly developing a strong brand  in the Florida cannabis market after expanding from Nevada, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts under the corporate name, Parallel. They now rival Trulieve Sarasota in the number two position for sales and growth, and that can be attributed to their focus on educating cannabis patients and providing consistency in marijuana products. 

@Christine_Sclafani reviews Surterra Wellness in Sarasota, FL.

Types of Marijuana Sold at Surterra Dispensaries


Cannabis Flower

It’s important to know how many grams are in an ounce because Surterra sells whole flower for $30-$45 for an eighth; ‘Little Buds’ for $27 an eighth; pre-ground quarters for $50; and they have two packs and five packs of half gram preroll cone joints for $12 and $27 respectively. The ground flower is not bad, and often packs THC levels better than that of their indoor grown top shelf bud. If you like to save money, the little buds and ground flower are the way to go. 


Disposable vape pens, 510 threaded cartridges in half and full gram sizes, PAX Pods- Surterra has a respectable selection of higher end vape products. Their Wellness line is where to find the best CBD:THC ratio based products. High CBD pens and high THC pens are $30 across the spectrum for the Wellness line and each one is formulated with botanically and cannabis derived terpenes to give them the desired effect.

The Coral Reefer brand is slightly more at $35 however there you can find THC-only vapes that are more strain-based than the house line. Surfin’ In a Hurricane is a crowd pleaser and one of the more popular strains Surterra offers. It has a sativa dominant profile with lots of energy and euphoria. They have two other Coral Refer strains; the Island Time Indica and the Sunset Sailin’ hybrid, both worth the try in disposable pens or Pax pods. Florida’s Finest brand half gram carts are also available from $60 each. 

Recently introduced is Surterra Float brand of inhalation products and they have since added many more options. Now, you can buy half and full gram 510 threaded cartridges in all their familiar cannabis strains like Sherbert, GG4, Jacky Girl and others, as well as full spectrum one gram carts. Prices range from $60-$95.

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Cannabis Concentrates

Surterra Sarasota has a very small selection of shatters, waxes, crumbles, and distillates under the Float brand, their Wellness line, and Florida’s Finest. Probably one of their biggest downfalls is their inability to keep these high demand products in stock or to provide the variety other dispensaries offer. The Granddaddy Purple and Tillamook Strawberry are pretty consistent as are the Wellness products, however trying to get your hands on kief, crumble, shatter or wax at Surterra is tough, and they have yet to deliver the consistency in quality that their other products have nailed. 

Cannabis concentrate on a tool used for dabbing
Concentrates are very popular with patients who need high doses of THC.

Cannabis and CBD Topicals 

For muscle pain, joint or nerve pain, topicals can provide excellent targeted relief from symptoms. Surterra Wellness has two lotions worth trying. One is their Calm formula, which is a 12:1 CBD to THC blend. The other is the Soothe formula; a 1:1 ratio product. Clinical research points to an equal amount of CBD oil tincture to THC tincture as being the ‘go-to’ for pain relief in marijuana products and with the selected terpenes, topicals are able to provide relief unlike inhalation or ingestion. 

For all day relief you don’t have to think twice about, try the transdermal patches from Surterra. The Relief patch is a 1:9 CBD to THC product high in myrcene, so its effectiveness is incredibly impressive but without the euphoria. And it lasts for eight hours or more. Put one on over a bad back before going to sleep at night and don’t be surprised if you wake up pain-free. These things really work. 

Sublingual Edibles and THC Capsules

THC and CBD Tinctures are a great way to explore the benefits of medical cannabis. Marijuana consumed orally is metabolized differently by our bodies than through inhalation, and therefore the effect is different. The onset takes more time, about an hour but sometimes longer. However it lasts much longer than vaping or smoking, so it’s perfect for long days or when discretion is required. Surterra offers Theragels in their Wellness line varieties for $40 each bottle of 20 capsules. If you only want to try it first, they also have convenient trial packs of two capsules for $6. The THC tinctures are $40 for a 15ml bottle or $75 for a 30ml size. 

Marijuana Edibles 

Surterra Wellness is still waiting on the Florida Department of Health to issue a license to sell cannabis edibles in their store, however the Surterra Sarasota website hints that the unveiling of their THC edibles line is in the very near future. You must be approved by your physician to purchase cannabis edibles in the State of Florida, so make sure to call your cannabis doctor and get that route of administration added to your recommendation before you try to buy.  

multi flavored and colored cannabis infused gummies
Edibles, like these infused gummies made by @edibledee are not available yet in the
Florida medical cannabis market.

Does Surterra Sell Smoking Devices?

Whether you prefer to roll a joint the old fashioned way or explore the newest devices to vape and dabbing, Surterra Dispensary in Sarasota can accommodate your intake method with a small selection of smoking accessories and devices from which to choose. 

Rechargeable vaporizer batteries start at $10 for the Float brand pen but you have other options as well for your vape cartridges. For a few dollars more, the Gpen at $35 can take 510 threaded cartridges, concentrates, and it can handle small amounts of dry herb in its ceramic chamber. Surterra also sells a Dart pen at $50 for its house brand pods, and recently introduced Pax Pods and pens that fit the Jimmy Buffet line of Coral Refer Pax Pods for just $30.

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Float brand 1 ¼  inch rolling papers come in at $3 and they also sell hemp wicks and glass filter tips for hand rolling. A very expensive rolling tray is available at $60 and they have two metal grinders to choose from; one is $10 and the higher quality Santa Cruz kief catcher is $75. 

If that’s not enough of a selection, there are plenty of local and online smoke shops in Sarasota to visit.

Reasons to Visit Surterra

Wellness line, fair prices, knowledgeable staff

Accepts cash and CanPay

ATM on site

Clean locations


Surterra is not very good at offering sales or discounts. Occasionally they have flash sales on their Surterra Wellness line or the Coral Reefer brand and weed prerolls, but the only consistent discounts they offer are 15% off your first visit, 20% off your second visit, and they give a 20% veteran discount, although it does not apply to whole flower purchases.


Both locations are open seven days a week, currently Surterra Sarasota does not offer cannabis delivery as of October 2020.