TNMNews Local Feature: Breaking Down the Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Sarasota for Deals, Savings and Marijuana Selection.

Visit Sarasota, FL for the beautiful beaches, arts district and up and coming marijuana dispensary scene.
Siesta Key Beach Sunset

Have you ever considered visiting Sarasota, FL for a staycation or vacation? Typically when people think of Sarasota, they think:

One thing that people don’t talk about (yet) is the budding selection of new medical marijuana dispensaries that surround the Greater Tampa Bay area.

If you hold a valid Florida medical marijuana card, make sure to take a trip to the cannabis dispensaries in the Sarasota area. The state is home to 13 different legal weed dispensaries and Sarasota hosts six top pot shops from which to choose. 

Here are the players in the Sarasota – Bradenton Area

Trulieve Sarasota

Trulieve Sarasota Dispensary is one of the more popular cannabis shops in Sarasota, FL.

Overview of Trulieve Dispensary

Trulieve is the largest producer of medical cannabis in Florida and the brand is very well known to medical patients throughout the state. As innovators in the marijuana industry, Trulieve has been the first dispensary to introduce many new products to the Florida marijuana market. With 55 retail locations in Florida and counting, you can rely on one being close to you.

Trulieve dispensary in Sarasota has some of the best deals on medical marijuana, cannabis edibles and weed.
Bradenton Trulieve; photo credit: Trulieve website

What Kind of Weed Does Trulieve Sell? 

Trulieve offers the widest selection of products on the market and have been the first to offer items new to dispensaries; most recently, edibles. Pot-infused chocolate, gummies, and brownies are some of the newest line ups but with the high demand edibles are still hard to come by.

The prices are very competitive with eighths of bud ranging from $33-$58 and ground quarters at only $25. Cartridges range from $48 to $94 for half and full gram carts, and their concentrates start at just $60 for crumble, shatter, or wax. They also offer cannabis tinctures, capsules, lotions, and a nasal spray

Does Trulieve Cannabis Sarasota Offer any Specials?

According to the Trulieve website, they do offer some specials!

1st purchase – 15% off

2nd purchase – $75 off order of $150

Veterans – 20% off

Snap – 10% off

Yearly MMJ Renewal Discount – $75 off $150

Sign up for their text and email alerts to be the first to know of new inventory, promotions, and deals.

Frequent shoppers are rewarded with a loyalty points system that gets you 10% off an order for every 500 points collected.

Does Trulieve Offer Marijuana Delivery Service? 

Each of Trulieve’s locations are often very busy and they can be known for wait times of up to an hour or even longer. They do offer online ordering for in-store pick up, however that doesn’t usually cut down the wait time.

Ordering for cannabis delivery in Sarasota might be your best option for an extra $15 delivery fee, or keep your order over $200 for free delivery.

Where are the Trulieve Marijuana Dispensaries in Sarasota, FL?

Trulieve Sarasota is located at 935 N Beneva Road in Sarasota. They also have a Trulieve Bradenton Dispensary located at 1103 14th Street West, at the cusp of the Village of the Arts neighborhood, a fun place to walk around and see free public art after you’ve made your pot stop. 

Surterra Wellness

Surterra Marijuana Dispensary in Sarasota, FL in the second biggest cannabis company in the Sarasota/Bradenton area.

Overview of Surterra Sarasota

Surterra ranks number two in the Florida Cannabis Industry in terms of sales and growth. And for good reason. Surterra has built its reputation on their house Wellness line. If you haven’t tried one of the Surterra Wellness ratio based products, you’re missing out. This Sarasota weed dispensary managed to capture the best of marijuana’s medicinal properties and create their own custom blended products. They’ve combines various cannabis and botanically derived terpenes and selected ratios of THC and CBD to deliver maximum results. 

Surterra Wellness is a Sarasota marijuana dispensary that sells high quality medical marijuana
Surterra’s Relief Disposable Vape from their Wellness line; photo credit: Surterra website

What Kind of Medical Weed Does Surterra Sell?

Surterra offers a wide range of high quality cannabis products including kief, various concentrates and distillates, transdermal patches and a balm, vape cartridges, tinctures and capsules, and bud in various forms.

Prices for weed are as follows: pre-ground ($50 a ¼), pre-rolled ($12 grams), whole flower ($30-$45) and an eighth of Little Buds at just $27.

This medical marijuana dispensary company is launching new strains regularly and has consistent inventory of legal weed

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Does Surterra Sarasota Offer any Specials?

Surterra Sarasota offers first time patient discounts of 15% for the first order and 20% off the second visit. This discount does not apply to their whole flower though. They also offer a 20% discount to Florida veterans, which also does not apply to their whole flower.

Beyond that, Surterra Sarasota Dispensary is not very good at offering patient discounts or promotions. Occasionally they offer a small discount off select medical marijuana products, but the best way to stay on top of those Sarasota marijuana deals is to sign up for their email alerts. 

Surterra Marijuana Dispensary in Sarasota, FL has some of the most consistent inventory of legal cannabis.
Surterra’s Tillamook Strawberry; Photo credit: Facebook 

Does Surterra Offer Delivery Service? 

Order cannabis online from Surterra to reduce the already short wait time or just stop by a Surterra store and be pleasantly surprised at the friendliness of the staff, cleanliness of the stores, and quick customer turnaround. If you need to pickup a new glass weed pipe or dab kit bundle with a torch on your visit, then order online from Atomic Blaze Smoke Shop in Sarasota and take advantage curbside pickup.

They don’t offer delivery any longer, as that service was eliminated in January 2020.

Where are the Surterra Dispensaries in Sarasota?

Pick up your order at Surterra Sarasota located 14906 Tamiami Trail, North Port or at the Surterra Bradenton on SR 70 by the I-75 ramp.

Liberty Health Sciences

Liberty Health Sciences Dispensary in Sarasota, FL sells cannabis edibles and medical marijuana to local residents in Bradenton, FL and SRQ
Liberty Health Sciences Marijuana Dispensary in Sarasota FL has a wide variety of cannabis products for legal weed patients.
Liberty Health Sciences Pax Pod; Photo Credit: LHS website

Overview of Liberty Health Sciences Sarasota

Liberty Health Sciences is a great dispensary to go to if you’re looking for variety and value. You can tell this company is vying hard for the number one spot in Florida’s cannabis market with their huge selection and great prices of weed

What Kind of Weed Does Liberty Health Sciences Sell?

LHS Sarasota offers half gram vape carts starting at $35 and you can score an eighth of quality bud for only $23. They have over 40 varieties of vape carts to choose from and carry over 45 other medicinal products including Mary’s Medicinals, Lemon and Grass, and the newly introduced Dompens.

Liberty Health Sarasota also sells cannabis topicals, lotions and muscle rubs, CBD tinctures, and marijuana capsules

Does Liberty Health Sciences Sarasota Offer any Specials?

1st purchase – $75 off purchase of $150*

25% off for Veterans & Retired First Responders*

15% off Recipients of Financial Assistance*

Birthday: $15 off one purchase during birthday month for loyalty members

Does Liberty Health Sciences Offer Delivery Service? 

Free Statewide Delivery orders over $150

$25 all other orders

No order minimum on cannabis flower (delivery charge applies)

Delivery not available in Escambia, Santa Rosa, and Okaloosa counties.

Where are the Liberty Health Sciences Dispensaries in Sarasota?

Find the Sarasota Marijuana Dispensary at 4249 Bahia Vista St, Sarasota and Bradenton Cannabis Dispensary at 1475 Cortez Road in Bradenton, just down the road from Trulieve Cannabis and VidaCann and nearly across Tamiami from Columbia Care. If you want to hit up four top-notch Florida dispensaries back to back, now is a good time.

Columbia Care Dispensary

Columbia Care Dispensary in Sarasota, FL sells medical marijuana and cannabis products, including edibles.
Visit Columbia Care Marijuana Dispensary in Sarasota, FL for top notch medical marijuana and great budtender customer service.
Credit: Colombia Care Sarasota Dispensary Website

Overview of Columbia Care Sarasota

Columbia Care is relatively new to the Sarasota dispensary scene and has slowly added more options to their selection. Although still a small variety of cannabis products, you’ll be able to find all the preferred methods of consumption including cannabis topicals, weed capsules, marijuana tinctures, vape cartridges and of course cannabis flower to pack into your weed pipe.

What Kind of Weed Does Columbia Care Sell?

TheraCeed™, ClaraCeed™ and EleCeed™ are the Columbia Care brands and come in a variety of formats, including hard-pressed tablets, cannabis suppositories, vapes, and lotions.

Pricing for their bud is high compared to other dispensaries in the area, with cannabis flower coming in around $40 an eighth or more and a three pack of .5 gram joints for a whopping $27. 

Does Columbia Care Dispensary Sarasota Offer any Specials?

1st Purchase: $50 off $150

2nd Purchase: 20% off

15% off Retired Heroes: Veterans, Police, Fire, EMT

15% off Seniors (60+)

15% off Recipients of Medicaid, Medicare, SSI

15% off Students & Pediatric

15% off Industry

Does Columbia Care Offer Delivery Service?

Columbia Care does not offer delivery at this time. Ordering online for pick up is an option but the stores are never too crowded and the staff are very knowledgeable and welcoming, making a visit there like seeing old friends.

Where are the Columbia Care Dispensaries in Sarasota?

Columbia Care Sarasota Dispensary is located at 6979 S Tamiami Trail, Sarasota and their Bradenton Marijuana Shop is on 4549 W. 14th Street.  

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VidaCann Dispensary

VIdacann Marijuana Dispensary is located in Sarasota, FL and is well known by locals as the best up and coming pot shop.

Overview of VidaCann Bradenton

VidaCann Marijuana Dispensary has gained a lot of momentum in the past year as they have added many new products to their line up and introduced whole flower. A relatively small company still, VidaCan is definitely on the list of “dispensaries to watch” as their product selection widens and they reign in their price point. 

What Kind of Weed Does VidaCann Sell?

Vidacann Dispensary in Sarasota, FL sells medical marijuana and cannabis vape pens.
Credit: VidaCann Website

Although they are a little pricey, with one-gram distillates at $75-85 and $13 pre-rolls, they have become known for quality and consistency. If you are a sativa fan, try VidaCann’s “Alaska” vape or distillate syringe and get ready for a fun day.

They have eighths starting at $38 and sometimes if you’re lucky you can find an eighth of ground flower there for only $20. They also offer a small selection of CBD Oil, topicals, marijuana tinctures, and cannabis capsules

Does VidaCann Sarasota Offer any Specials?

1st purchase – $55 off $100 and free delivery (each location)

15% off Veterans

15% off Pediatric

15% off Physicians & Staff

15% off MMTC Employees

Birthday: 250 extra rewards points added on birthday

VidaCann Sarasota also offers a loyalty rewards program and a refer a friend bonus. Sign up for their text alerts to stay in the know.

Does VidaCann Marijuana Offer Delivery Service?

VidaCann Sarasota offers free weed delivery for orders over $75 to a limited delivery area.

Where are the VidaCann Dispensaries in Sarasota?

Vidacann Sarasota Dispensary is actually in Bradenton. Their marijuana dispensary nearest SRQ is located at 5203 Cortez Road West in Bradenton. It is in a small plaza right next to Walmart and just up the road from Liberty Health Sciences. The beaches are a short drive from the pot shop so make sure to hit the weed dispensary on your way. 

MUV Dispensary (AltMed Florida)

MUV Dispensary in Sarasota Florida offers cannabis delivery services.

Overview of MUV Sarasota

MUV Sarasota made waves in the Florida dispensary market shortly after weed became medically legal in the state back in 2016. The parent company of MUV Dispensary is AltMed Florida, which calls Sarasota home to their corporate headquarters.

What Kind of Weed Does MUV Dispensary Sell?

Credit: AltMed Florida Website

An eighth of good weed starts at only $32 and goes up to $50. Their disposable vapes will run you $35 for a 300mg cart and a half gram cartridge comes in at $50, but you have to buy your own cheap vape battery.

They’re also well known for their wide range of products that you can’t find elsewhere like the cannabis oral spray (100mg/$25), and a rescue inhaler like that of the asthma inhaler variety ($55) and a THC transdermal patch that lasts for three days ($15). 

Does MUV Sarasota Offer any Specials?

25% off 1st Purchase

20% off Veterans

10% off Senior Citizens – 55 or older

20% off Cannabis Industry

25% off Pediatrics (under 18)

10% off Travel Discount (100 miles or more)

Birthday Month: $25 off $50 purchase (one time discount during your birthday month)

MUV Sarasota, pronounced MOVE Dispensary, also offer a loyalty rewards points based program. Florida MMJ Patients earn one Ü Point for every dollar spent. These points can then be redeemed for discounts and special offers. Sign up to receive text and email alerts to be the first to know about their deals.

Does MUV Offer Delivery Service?

This Sarasota dispensary offers delivery within 20 miles of one of their stores and it’s free with orders over $150. All other orders have a $20 delivery fee. 

Where are the MUV Dispensaries in Sarasota?

MUV Sarasota Dispensary is located at 5045 Fruitville Road in SRQ or you can visit their newest location which is the MUV Bradenton Dispensary on Heritage Green Parkway off SR64. 

No matter where you end up in the Sarasota or Bradenton area, there is a dispensary not too far away. Keep an eye out for new stores opening up in the West Bradenton area near the beaches as MUV and others have plans to widen their influence in the Florida cannabis market with new locations.

Do you have a favorite marijuana dispensary in Sarasota? We want to hear!

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