MUV of Sarasota Overview

Are you looking for a new Sarasota area medical marijuana dispensary to try? MUV is one of the leading medical marijuana dispensaries in Florida, bringing strong competition to popular retail locations like Trulieve Sarasota and making waves in the pot community. They have 26 medical cannabis dispensary locations and counting, as more are slated to open before the end of the year. So if you are wondering. “Is there a dispensary near me open?” The answer is YES! Also known as AltMed by their corporate name, this dispensary is definitely worth checking out. Lucky for MMJ patients in the Sarasota area, there are two locations to choose from so far. 

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Sarasota is quickly becoming a great place to find medical cannabis.

What Types of MMJ Does MUV Sell?


The quality of bud MUV is producing is pretty impressive. With competitive THC percentages coming in over 20% in many of their strains, an eighth can go a long way. The prices range from $32, $40, and $50 an 1/8th  and they have 1g pre-rolls for $12 each. Pricing is fairly similar for products from Florida to other dispensaries in Sarasota and Bradenton, so if you can qualify for one of the discounts they offer, you could make out pretty well on a trip to one of the MUV stores with the MUV dispensary deals. 


MUV has a decent selection of inhalation products, though not always that many to choose from. Their all-in-one disposable vapes are 300mg and run $35- not bad for some that are over 80% THC.  They also offer the standard 510 threaded half gram vape carts or the higher concentrated GPods for $50. Unique to MUV is the asthma-inhaler-like metered dose inhaler which comes in the 1:1 CBD:THC ratio or 400mg THC inhaler, both at $55.

Vape Cartridge
Vape cartridges are ons of the many items you can find at the MUV dispensaries in Sarasota, FL.


Another product of Florida is BLUE, what MÜV calls their “shatter” product. It comes in 1g of product for $65, though the THC percentage is low compared to other dispensaries whose shatters near 80% or better. MÜV’s hover around 65%. It could be worse, but the quality extraction process does provide an equally quality high, you’ll just need a little more to hit that sweet spot. They also sell distillate syringes at $80 for 1g and their full extract syringe is just $65 for the same 1g syringe. So if you like smoking out of a dab rig or weed vaporizer, this could be the place for you.


Using medical marijuana topically can provide incredible relief for those suffering from physical pain. Try rubbing a THC infused lotion on achy joints or even on a new tattoo to help it heal faster. MÜV has a nice lotion for $20 that smells great and they use a Ritz Carlton line of skin cream to blend the THC into, so it is incredibly creamy and leaves your skin soft and hands feeling pain-free. They offer a muscle rub great for sport injuries or post work-out aches for $40 or $65. Transdermal patches go for $15 each there, but keep in mind they are intended to be used for three days rather than the typical single use one day patches offered elsewhere. 

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Tinctures and Capsules 

Since not everyone can smoke or vape weed, oral and sublingual THC and CBD products are available, and tinctures are a great alternative way to consume your medicine. The body absorbs THC differently when taken like this, so don’t expect the same results. These methods are perfect for those looking for physical relief of pain, or if you just don’t want to break out the vape pen or pack a bowl when discretion is necessary. MÜV sells $40 300mg tinctures in both blended ratio oils or straight up THC tinctures. For $65, they have 600mg tincture bottles. They also have a $25 100mg oral spray, like a breath spray, only it doesn’t taste very good, almost like what it tastes like to drink orange juice right after brushing your teeth. 

Capsules are great because you can take them with you anywhere and they have a long duration of effectiveness. For $45 you can buy a 30 pack of 300mg Encaps that come in either full THC or ratio blends. And for $80 you can get the 30pk of RSO capsules for a total of 750mgs of cannabis.  


MÜV is still waiting on the Department of Health to issue a license to sell edibles in their store, however the MUV website hints that the unveiling of their edibles line is in the very near future. You must be approved by your physician to purchase edibles in the state of Florida

Does MUV Sell Cannabis Gear and Accessories?

Pick up the GPen vape pen and battery MÜV sells for $25 and you will not be disappointed. Breath-activation makes it super easy to use- just start puffing away on one of the high-THC Gpen Gio cartridges that snugly fit inside the pen and you’re good to go. It’s palm sized and black, so it’s discrete and fits in almost anywhere. Since there’s no button to push, you won’t have to worry about it vaping all your product by accident when it’s in your bag or getting squeezed in your pocket. MÜV sells its own battery and charger for $15, which is good in a pinch, but their charge doesn’t last very long, however they do fit all standard 510 threaded vape cartridges and they’re relatively cheap. 

Why You Should Visit MUV Dispensary 

Like most of the other dispensaries open now, MÜV gives a discount just for trying them out. They offer a 25% discount on your first visit but you must be a brand new patient to any MÜV dispensary. It’s limited to a one time use and not stackable with other discounts.

Uniquely, MÜV also offers Patient Referral Discounts of 10% discount for first, 15% for the second, and 20% discount for your third referral. Patients must share their unique MÜV patient number with the new patient, and the new patient must share the unique MÜV number with the Medtender. Limit up to three new patient referrals. This one is stackable with other discounts.

Patients who travel over 100 miles are eligible for a 10% discount to their cannabis purchase with proof of travel distance. For example, proof of current residency. This discount is not stackable with any other discounts.

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Finding the right dispensary is like finding the right relationship.

A senior discount of 10% is available, too. The discount is applied to each purchase and you must be 55 or older. It is not stackable with other discounts. Veterans get a 20% discount applied to each purchase. They must show a current Veteran ID Card (VIC), present a DD214, or show a driver’s license with the “V” emblem at time of purchase. Not stackable with other discounts. Available to patients under the age of 18 is a 255 pediatric discount. This discount can be used on any product recommended by a physician. It is not stackable with other discounts. You also get a $25 discount on your birthday! Purchases must equal $50 or more, just make sure to redeem your discount in your birthday month. Limit one time yearly. Must verify birthday. Not stackable with other discounts. They also offer a points program that lets you accumulate points to use on future purchases like many other Florida medical dispensaries..

Where Exactly Is MUV Located in the Sarasota Area?

If you’re looking to check out a high quality medical weed dispensary in the Sarasota area, make sure to visit MÜV Sarasota Fruitville at 5045 Fruitville Road, or just to the north in Bradenton on 8465 Heritage Green Way off RT 64. If you need to talk to their customer service, call (833) 880-5420, where they can answer your questions or take an order over the phone for pick-up at one of their location or you can have your order delivered.