Defining Cannabis Industry Lingo

We all love marijuana and the wonderful things it does and represents. But, like anything, when you really get involved in the conversation, there’s a whole new set of terms that are used everyday that you may not know, especially in the cannabis industry. So we’ve come up with another list of 12 words that you should definitely know if you want to be in the conversation. How many do you know?

12 More words to know Letter F – I.

  • Feminization
  • Flavonoids
  • Flower
  • Full-Spectrum
  • Genotype
  • Germination
  • Hash
  • Hemp
  • Hybrid
  • Hydroponics
  • Indica
  • Isolate


The process of breeding female marijuana plant seeds to create female plants. A lot of people don’t know, but only female cannabis plants produce buds. Male plants just produce seeds. In order for the plant to produce flower and cannabinoids responsible for the physiological benefits of the plant it must be female. So one of the first things we do in a grow room is kill all the males.


These phytonutrients are known for providing the coloring to plants. Over 6,000 varieties of flavonoids have been found in nature, and some of them are responsible for protecting plants against the outdoor elements, such as harmful diseases, UV rays and pests. Cannabis flavonoids, called “cannaflavins,” and like terpenes play an important role in fragrance and flavor differences between strains.


Buds. The simple explanation of what the flower is on the cannabis plant is the bud. Flowers are hairy, sticky, crystal-covered parts of the plant that are harvested and dried for use. It’s the flower that has the power to get you high and receive all of the medical and psychoactive effects.

Picture of a grow room that is just beginning the flowering stage.
The Flowers (buds) are starting to bloom in this indoor grow in las Vegas, NV.


Cannabis extract that contains the complete range of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and fatty acids found in the plant and uses the whole plant. Full-spectrum contains everything the plant contains. The extraction technique is designed so that none of the active compounds are lost during the extraction process so you receive the benefit of the whole plant.

Genotype – The genetic building blocks that the plant was created from. Precisely which genes were isolated and combined to create the genetic makeup of the cultivar.


This is the very beginning of the plant’s growth cycle. This refers to when the seed cracks, and sprouts a seedling. This process forces cannabis seeds out of their dormant state and into the normal growth life cycle.

Picture of a seedling just cracking the seed to begin germination.
A Seed that has just cracked the shell to begin life.


Short for hashish, hash is concentrated cannabis produced by removing the plant’s trichomes through water filtration. Once the powder is collected, it is pressed together to make a harder tar like substance ready for use. Hash is more potent than cannabis flowers because everything but the active part of the plant has been removed.

Picture of Hash pressed to look like a brownie.
A big chunk of Hash, kind of looks like a brownie.


Otherwise known as Cannabis Sativa L., hemp is one of the earliest domesticated plants in the world. Hemp is a multipurpose plant, with strong fibers that have been used to make paper, food, cloth, fiber and medicine for thousands of years. The hemp CBD plant produces over 700 active compounds, including cannabinoids, terpenes and phenols. You can even use hemp fiber to make a hemp car!

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We’re not talking about a car that uses gasoline and electricity. Hybrid in the cannabis world is a cannabis cultivar that is a cross between two genetically different cannabis cultivars, occurring randomly in nature or intentionally in a grow facility. Hybrids are typically created when a grower wants to crossbreed two or more preferred traits of a plant to make a more desired combination. For example one has high levels of THCA and this one has high levels of myrcene. You want to have BOTH of those with your next batch so you would crossbreed to make a new cultivar or strain.


Hydroponics is simply a soil-free growing system. The roots are not in soil and hang down below the grow tray as it circulates water and nutrients to plant roots which enables control over the growing process. The advantage to growing hydroponically is that you deliver nutrients directly to the plant’s roots so the plant can focus more of its energy on growing. In soil, the roots have to seek out the nutirents.


Indica is the scientific name for the Cannabis Indica species of cannabis. It is commonly used to describe a type of marijuana that produces more relaxing and sedative and body effects, compared to sativa strains, which are said to give you a head high. Indicas traditionally have more THC content that Sativas and over time most Sativa has been bred out of the main stream legal cannabis cultivars in search for the higher THC

According to Jeff Chen, the Director of the UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative, “In the absence of any other useful system to classify marijuana, strain and indica-sativa dichotomy is all breeders and distributors have, “It’s the worst system invented, but the best we have.” 

UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative


The isolation and extraction of a compound such as CBD from the cannabis plant so the end product is a concentrated amount of a single molecule. So it doesn’t have the other cannabinoids or terpenes, it is an isolated single end product.

Picture of CBD isolate in powder form. CBD isolate is used as an ingredient that it added to other products.
CBD isolate in powder form.

Do You Feel A Little Smarter?

Well, you should feel smarter! You just learned twelve more words that put you back in the conversation. Education is always key to being able to thrive with any subject. And because cannabis has its own terminology and marijuana slang, it’s important to keep up with what everyone else is already talking about. If you missed Part 1 of the TNMNews Cannabis series don’t worry because we got you. Just click here to read and watch Marijuana Terminology, Words You Need To Know Part 1.