How Will The Federal Government Handle Marijuana Legalization?


The conversation that everyone wants to have except the government, will the federal government remove marijuana from the Schedule 1 drug list. Here are some key topics that lean towards doing just that.

Yahoo! News reports:

With legalized medical marijuana spreading from state to state across the U.S., there is a growing debate about whether or not the drug is safe and effective in treating certain ailments.

The drug remains on the federal governmentโ€™s Schedule 1 list of substances with no known medical use, but some say that will need to change in the coming years as its use gains popularity in the medical community.

Head Of Public Health Optimistic

On Wednesday, the U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy appeared open-minded about the possibility that marijuana could be used as a medical treatment in an interview withย CBS.

He noted that preliminary research suggests that the drug could be helpful in managing some medical conditions; and that such information will likely drive legislation governing marijuana use.

While he said more research would be needed for conclusive results, Murthy predicted that more states will probably legalize medical use in the coming year.

Colorado Says Proceed with Caution

However, in states where both medical and recreational use is allowed, there is a growing number of critics who say the drugโ€™s danger isnโ€™t being clearly communicated to the public.

President Obama’s Budget Proposal Backs D.C. Marijuana Sales

On February 1, a panel of experts in Colorado released aย reportย detailing some of this risks that marijuana usage carries in order to educate the stateโ€™s population on the drugโ€™s negative effects.

The report cautioned that usage among teens and young adults was linked to poor academic performance and some memory impairments that last nearly a month after usage, but also suggested that psychotic disorders like schizophrenia could be tied to heavy usage early in life.

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