Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you have probably heard about cannabutter. But did you know that it’s actually incredibly easy to make at home? There’s a good reason why it’s one of the easiest and most beloved homemade edibles. In this article, we’ll break down the step-by-step process of how to make weed butter.

What is Cannabutter?

Cannabutter is butter that has been infused with cannabinoids. It is one of the most classic edibles, perfect as a standalone or incorporated into recipes. It is usually consumed by being added to baked goods such as pot brownies.

The process works because the compounds in the cannabis (including terpenes and cannabinoids) bind to the fat molecules in the butter, effectively infusing it.

How Can You Use Cannabutter?

There are tons of ways to use cannabutter. One of the most famous is in pot brownies, but you can use it in all types of dishes. If it strikes your fancy, you can even spread it on a piece of toast.

Here are some other popular ways to incorporate cannabutter:

  • Add it to a cup of coffee
  • Melt it over popcorn
  • Bake it in cakes, cookies, or other pastries
  • Use it for cooking pasta
  • Make “Ganja nachos”

How to Make Cannabutter?

How to make cannabutter? Here is the recipe from TNM News
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To make cannabutter, start by grinding your bud very finely. You can use a coffee grinder or food processor for this — the point is that you want it very small. A good comparison is about the size of a grain of rice.

Don’t grind the bud into a powder, though — this will increase the likelihood of it burning during the next step.

Decarbing the Bud

Next, it is time to decarb the bud. Decarbing or decarboxylation is the process of heating cannabis bud to low heat levels to activate the THC. On its own, raw cannabis has no physical or psychoactive effects. Essentially, decarbing is roasting it very gently, just enough for the heat to stimulate the plant into releasing those all-important compounds.

There are a few ways you can decarb your bud. The first way is by putting it in a pan on the stove on low heat. Alternatively, you can place it in jars or on a baking sheet and cook it gently in the center of your oven at 225 degrees Fahrenheit. This should take about 45 minutes, but keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t burn.

Decarbing your bud in the oven often produces less of a smell than decarbing on the stovetop. This is worth noting if you live in an apartment complex where the smell of weed could bother neighbors or cause them to complain.

Incorporating the Butter

Once the bud has been decarbed, it is time to melt your butter. Add it to a pan on the stove. Once it is melted, add the decarbed bud and simmer it gently for about 45 minutes.

Stir regularly and monitor it to make sure it isn’t burning. Eventually, the butter will begin to brown and will take on a stronger cannabis smell.


To finish, use a bowl and some cheesecloth to strain the bits of ground bud out of the butter. The terpenes and cannabinoids should have fully leached into the butter by now, so there is no need to keep the bud.

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If you want to, you can keep the buttery bud for making edibles as there are still some cannabinoids present. (For other posts on stretching your cannabis and avoiding waste, check out our posts answering questions like how do you get the last bit of wax out of a cartridge and how to smoke the last bit of oil in a cartridge).

Equipment You Need to Make Cannabutter

Making cannabutter can really be this basic. Some people like to make it in their slow cooker, double boiler, or sous vide infuser, but that’s a matter of personal preference. Really all you need is a stove and the following items:

  • 7-10 grams of cannabis
  • 1 cup of butter
  • Pan
  • Whisk or spoon
  • Jars or baking sheet (for decarbing)
  • Bowl
  • Cheesecloth or other strainer
A step-by-step guide from TNM News to make cannabutter.
TNMNews Shop has been the authority on headshop products and smoke shop accessories since 2015. Shop the best glass bongs, weed pipes for smoking and smoking acessories for rolling joints.


Making Your Own Edibles

Making your own cannabutter might feel intimidating at first, but once you try it, you’ll realize it’s incredibly straightforward.

If you have questions about other ways to use cannabis, check out our other posts answering questions like Can you hit a cartridge with a lighter and more.