Learn The Best Techniques For Getting High Quicker With Your Marijuana

Marijuana is very unique. It takes many different forms like flower, edibles and concentrates. There are also cannabis lotions and balms that help people with pain and discomfort. As I said, marijuana is special, and depending on which way you’ve decided to indulge will determine how exactly you will feel. More importantly, to some, how fast you will feel the high.

Here is a guide to the fastest ways to get high when consuming cannabis:

  • Dabs
  • THC Cartridges
  • Hash
  • Bong
  • Steamroller
  • Gravity Bong
  • Smoke a Bowl
  • Moon Rocks


Concentrates and extracts are probably one of the newest forms of cannabis that took the marijuana world by storm a few years ago. With that being said dabs are extremely popular, and are arguably the most popular way to consume weed today. 

One of the main reasons they reign supreme is because dabs are basically globs of THC and terpenes that can be vaporized rather than burned. These cannabis extracts give the user an intense and fast high that can be quite powerful to beginners and experienced smokers alike.

A concentrated version of cannabis used for dabbing.
Dab can be used to refer to a form of concentrate such as oil, budder, shatter, or wax.

For cannabis novices, concentrates are usually too strong and people should ease their way into dabbing as their tolerance builds. You do need a fair amount of tools for a successful dab experience such as a quartz banger nail, butane torch lighter for dabs and a dab rig. We like this dab kit bundle with torch included if you need an all-in-one dab kit. Nonetheless if you are looking for the fastest way to get high, dabbing high potency THC extracts will definitely be your best bet.

THC Cartridges

Vape pens and THC cartridges are, in essence, the same things as dabs. The main difference is, NO BUTANE TORCH! Instead of setting a dab onto a nail or banger with a dab rig, you inhale the vapor through a vape pen cartridge that is pre and a battery is used as a heating element to heat up the THC oil without combustion. 

Now most THC cartridges won’t get you nearly as high as dab will, but they still get you high fast. One or two puffs from a vape cartridge and you will definitely feel a nice relaxing head change. 

Cartridges come in all flavors from cotton candy oil to actually cannabis live resin. It is really up to you, but marijuana vape pens are one of the fastest and easiest ways to sneak a high in on the go. One more thing, make sure your weed vape battery you are using to smoke with is ALWAYS CHARGED. The vape pen battery acts as the igniter for the weed cartridge and without it, you’re just not smoking.


Now I know the moment you read “hash” you are thinking that’s old school, but if you get your hands on some hash and it will definitely get you very high, very fast. Short for hashish, hash is concentrated cannabis produced by removing the plant’s trichomes through water filtration. Smoking hash gets you high quickly because it gives you a huge dose of concentrated THC and it is extremely fast-acting and powerful.

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Using a bong to get high is an excellent way to get high fast and easy. This is because bongs let you take extra big rips, which intern should result in you consuming more THC than you would out of a joint or weed pipe. The more THC-rich smoke you inhale, the more likely the THC will get in your bloodstream faster, which results in you getting high faster. 

A colorful glass bong sitting on the dining room table ready to use.
Bongs or water pipes come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Bongs or water bubbler pipes have a unique water filtration that allows users to take huge rips. When using a big or small bong you pull the smoke through the water first before you inhale the smoke. The filtration pulls out nasty toxins in the smoke, and it cools the smoke as well. 

By the time the colorful bong smoke hits your lungs, the smoke is much cleaner, cooler and smoother, which in turn allows you to have bigger hits than a glass pipe bowl or joint. 


Steamrollers are another unique smoking device that’s one purpose is to allow the user to take the biggest hit possible. Steamroller pipes come in many different sizes, so the bigger your lung capacity is the bigger the steamroller you can buy. And if you are desperate you can even make a steamroller out of a carrot!

The idea behind a glass steamroller is to completely max out how much smoke you can get in your lungs at one time. And huge hits of marijuana smoke allows for users to get really high, really quickly. 

Gravity Bong

Gravity bongs work like a charm when you’re trying to get high fast. Obviously, this device is a type of bong, so the water filtration plays a factor into allowing the smoke to be smooth and cool. This allows the user to take a massive bong hit and in turn get really high, really fast. Like the steamroller above, there are a few different ways to make a gravity bong at home.

Gravity bongs work perfect for giving yourself a huge and sudden blast of smoke. This makes the bong smoke easier to manage and works great for a smoke session with friends. Although with COVID-19 still around, make sure everyone has their own gravity bong to use.

Smoke a Bowl

Smoking a bowl in a weed pipe is another easy way to get high quick. This of course is one of the most straightforward ways to smoke cannabis

Just simply load a marijuana pipe with ground up cannabis, light the glass pipe bowl with a lighter or match and inhale the smoke. With different sizes and material you can choose 6 inch or 4 inch glass pipes or wood pipes or metal pipes, the smoke goes unfiltered through a screen (sometimes) and you have full control of how much smoke you are consuming.

Get a glass weed pipe for free and compare the glass weed pipe sellers.
A glass weed pipe is a must have in your piece collection.

Compared to bongs and vaporizers, the smoke is a lot harsher and hotter. However, once you’re used to smoking out of a glass bowl piece you can get some pretty fast highs smoking this way. 

Moon Rocks

Moon rocks are very special buds that have been coated with extracts and kief. Yes you read that correctly. It’s a large cannabis bud covered with potent sticky cannabis oil and then rolled in kief. As a result moon rocks are jam packed with THC, literally. 

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When smoking moon rocks you should get high pretty quickly as the buds are overloaded with THC. It shouldn’t take long for the THC to make its way to your bloodstream allowing the high effect to happen rapidly. 

Fast Ways to Get High

At the end of the day as long as you’re smoking or vaping marijuana you are going to get high pretty quickly. Whatever you decide is best for you, just remember to consume marijuana responsibly. Stay home or take an Uber. There is no reason to ruin a perfectly good high by getting pulled over by a cop and having to take a swab drug test. Be safe out there and happy smoking.