How to Enjoy Marijuana Smoke Sessions with Friends While Social Distancing

Learn how to still enjoy your weed with your friends during the Covid-19 pandemic while respecting social distancing guidelines.

Some Tricks of the Trade for Smoking Pot During the Covid-19 Pandemic

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Weed is an Essential Business During the Pandemic

Covid-19 has been running rampant throughout the world. It’s been going on for awhile now and has literally changed the way we live. Wash your hands. Wear a mask. Socially distance yourself from others. Stay home. Concerts and beaches canceled and closed. Schools closed. Businesses closed. Highest rate of unemployment in history.

Not to mention the over 140 thousand Americans and over 600 thousand worldwide, dead. It, unfortunately doesn’t look like it will be ending any time soon either. Now that I have completely depressed you I would like to remind you that cannabis businesses have been deemed essential. Let me say that again… Still federally ILLEGAL, but deemed essential in the 38 states that have legal marijuana. 

According to the Google dictionary essential means: “absolutely necessary; extremely important.”

You read that correctly. Absolutely necessary and extremely important. Now if you are a regular user of cannabis I’m sure you will agree that the essential rating that the marijuana industry was awarded is completely valid. If you are not a regular pot smoker, you are probably questioning the validity of the “essential rating”. Either way, it is what it is and it’s obvious for those of us that imbibe on the cannabis plant that it is essential. 

It Stinks Not Being Able to Smoke Pot with Friends

So now that it’s been deemed essential how the hell are we supposed to smoke weed when we have to stay socially distanced and separated from one another? You’ve heard the expression, “A friend with weed, is a friend indeed.” That’s still true, we all just have to be more careful. 

There are better ways to have a smoke session these days now that passing a joint is no longer safe.

Smoking pot has always been a social event. Unlike alcohol, most stoners are always willing to share their joint or pipe with the person sitting next to them, whether you know them or not! You’ve all been to concerts, sporting events, bars and parties and suddenly you smell the waft of cannabis smoke. You follow your nose and inch your way to the person or group that is smoking and try to get yourself a hit. And then if you are lucky enough to get in the circle and it is passed to you, you happily take a hit NEVER worrying about who hit it before you or how many fingers and mouths have just touched it!

The strange and wonderful thing about pot is that it is a very social herb. You would never ask someone in a bar to take a sip from their martini or margarita. But you will ALWAYS ask someone to get a hit from their spleef. But now with the Coronavirus in full force it’s almost impossible to share a joint, pipe or bong with someone.

So what do you do? Will this change the way we smoke pot forever? Well… it just might. 

6 Suggestions on Smoking Weed Socially While Still Socially Distancing

Here are 6 suggestions on how you can stay socially distanced and still enjoy a good sesh with your friends and loved ones:

Personal Mini Weed Joints

  1. Mini Joints – Mini-jays, Dogwalkers, Pinners; whatever you want to call them, mini joints are making a big splash on the cannabis market. A regular sized joint uses about a gram or a gram and a half per joint. A mini joint is traditionally rolled with a quarter gram or sometimes a half gram. Even though they were originally designed to satisfy the smoker who doesn’t want to smoke a full gram joint because of time or not wanting to store the half joint or roach somewhere that is usually left over. So mini joints are a great way to share a joint with your friends while having one for yourself. But remember, stay at least 6 feet apart because smoking pot usually makes you cough a little.

Personal Weed Pipes

  1. Personal pipes – That’s right. Get yourself your own pipe that you do not share with ANYONE! First, make sure your pipe is clean. If you haven’t cleaned it for a while, it should be sterilized. Alcohol, vinegar or boiling water can be used to clean your pipe. If it is beyond the “cleaning” stage however, it’s always a good idea to just buy a brand new one. And while you’re at it, buy one for your friend to use too! Pipes are an essential tool for the pot smoker, and now with Covid-19, it’s important to have more than one. Especially if you want to sesh with someone else. As a side note you can literally get a FREE pipe right here on TNMNews. Just click one of the banners and pay for shipping and BOOM… new pipe! You really don’t have an excuse to not have an extra pipe and we make it easy for you and a friend.
A new pipe like this is highly recommended for individual use and please don’t share…
Just get another one for your friend.

Cannabis One Hitters

  1. One Hitters – Another great solution like a new pipe. One hitters or Chillums as they are commonly referred to, are the perfect tool for seshing while social distancing. Everybody in the sesh gets their own and you pass around the stash instead of passing around the one-hitter. On websites like you can get a pack of 5 chillums for under 8 bucks. That breaks down to only $1.60 each for a great glass one-hitter. For less than the price of a cup of coffee, you can be well equipped to smoke with friends while socially distancing yourself.
Chillums or One Hitters like these from are very cost effective.
Atomic Blaze Chillums – 5 Pack

Marijuana Power Hitters

  1. The Power Hitter – Remember  the Power-Hitter from the 70’s? You may not be old enough but they are making a bit of a comeback. Two months ago I interviewed Allen Stein, the new owner of the Power-Hitter Company. The video interview can be found here:

Allen and his crew are right on target with this one. This is a great way to sesh with your friends while staying socially distant. You don’t put your mouth on the joint and you can literally toss the device to a friend who is 6 feet away. The Power-Hitter looks kind of like a water bottle that keeps the lit joint inside, and when you squeeze the bottle, you give yourself a “shotgun hit”.

(For those of you who don’t know what a shotgun hit is, it’s when you take a joint and put it backwards between your lips with the cherry inside your mouth and then gently blow the smoke into someone else’s mouth).

The Power-Hitter does that for you without touching the joint or blowing anything into someone else’s mouth. It is absolutely a great way to share a joint with friends.

Created back in the 70’s the One-Hitter is making a comeback because of socially distance seshing.
PowerHitter + Atomic Blaze Bundle

Cannabis Infused Edibles

  1. Edibles – Single serving edibles are a great way to get high and not infect your friends and family. Simply get the single serving gummy, cake pop, chocolate bar, brownie or whatever is available to you. There are a lot of single serving edibles on the market and again, it’s a great way to still partake and sesh with friends while staying socially distant. Even if you get a package of gummies or a large chocolate bar you can easily share them with others. You can even make your own. Our Very own Edible Dee has written an easy to follow, step by step cookbook for you to make infused edibles yourself.
Making edibles is a great way to share during a pandemic live the CaronaVirus.

Virtual Weed Sessions

  1. A Virtual Sesh – That’s right, with everyone staying home these days and using various kinds of internet communications, you can smoke with friends all over the world. With Facebook you can use messenger or Facebook Live. Instagram also has a live broadcast feature. Zoom has also been a very popular communication tool and we even use that here on TNMNews. Simply launch a Zoom session, invite your friends and light up! Whether you smoke a bong, a pipe, a joint or a dab, you can certainly sesh with other friends virtually, right from the comfort of your homes. It’s easy to do and the SAFEST way to sesh with friends during this horrible pandemic.

So there you have it. You don’t have to quit smoking weed because of this coronavirus. Like all pot smokers, you just have to be resourceful. Get the proper tools and be smart about socially distancing ourselves and keep the mask on before you take a hit and after you blow out the smoke.

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