Have You Tried Hemp Wraps Yet?

It's up to you whether you want to try weed hemp wraps or stick with traditional tobacco blunts, but here is some vital info to consider.

Hemp Wraps are Better than Blunt Wraps

Hemp wraps for smoking weed are really popular these days. You canโ€™t really get them at your normal Smoke Shops, Dispensaries, even 7-11โ€™s. The online smoke shops are the best place to get them. They come in multiple flavors like Mango, Smooth Vanilla, Honey Citrus, Herbal and the list goes on. 

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  • Can You Give Up Blunt Wraps?
  • How New are Hemp Wraps?
  • How to Use Hemp Wraps
    • Steps to Roll a Weed Hemp Blunt
  • What is in Hemp Wraps
  • Closing Remarks

Can You Give Up Blunt Wraps?

So, have you tried them yet?

You may like different flavors when you are rolling your preferred flower and if you do, they are a great way to twist up. If you like blunt wraps but donโ€™t like the โ€œtobacco productโ€ in your joints and are looking for something a little different you should give hemp wraps a try.

Hemp wraps come in various flavors. Try them all and find the one you like best.

Blunt wraps taste like tobacco, so if that is your bag, cool. But if you don’t want nicotine in your body or would rather have a wrap thats taste matched better with your select strains of weed, then hemp wraps are what you are looking for. Leave tobacco paper for your cigars.

How New are Hemp Wraps?

They became popular back in 2017 and were available mainly from online head shops. They can come in flat sheets of paper made out of hemp, or they come in a foil package 2 to a pack, or also as pre-rolled cones.

They come as individual hemp wraps, multiple-packs, or variety packs so you can try all the different flavors of each brand. Hemp wraps are usually sold as 1 ยผ inch papers and they also have king-size papers so you can enjoy more marijuana or hemp in a single wrap.

How to Use Hemp Wraps

You can fill them with cannabis flower, hemp flower, kief, extracts and any other herb you like. Some of them come with filter tips or crutches and some donโ€™t. Some of them even have a reusable glass filter tip. There are plenty of options for you to choose from, thatโ€™s for sure.

Did You Know?

Most rolling papers these days are made from hemp too. Hemp is weed, it just doesn’t have much THC in it. It’s flavors match marvelously with your stash of weed too. Check out these hemp cones!

Token Token King Size Hemp Cones

If you are new to hemp blunts or tobacco blunts, the tobacco ones are more difficult to twist one up if youโ€™re used to regular rolling papers. If you have rolled with blunts, hemp wraps are very similar in texture and look but Twisted Hemp Wraps are easier to roll. The hemp wraps have a serrated side that cling well to your molded weed making the rolling easier. Here is a quick guide on how to roll a weed hemp blunt.

Steps to Roll a Weed Hemp Blunt

  • Gather everything together first. Your flower, the hemp wrap, a grinder and a lighter.
  • Take the hemp wrap out of the package. (They usually come in a sealed foil container)
  • Unwrap the the hemp wrap and separate all the materials
  • Take the hemp wrap in one hand and fold it long ways to create a crease. (Thatโ€™s the place where you will put the filter and the flower)
  • Make sure you grind up whatever flower you will be using.
  • Place the filter in the end of the paper in the crease and butt it up against the end of the paper.
  • Keeping the filter tip in place with your finger, sprinkle in the ground flower into the crease.
  • Spread it evenly through the entire length of the wrap. Itโ€™s important to try to make it even so you can roll a round joint.
  • Twist it in your fingers in a rolling motion (like a regular rolling paper) making sure the filter stays in place. Use the pads of your thumbs to roll it up and smooth it out.
  • Either lick the glue on the paper, put some honey on it, or some folks like to even seal it with cannabis or cbd oil. They all work fine and are just a personal choice. Make sure not to wet it too much, but if you do you can dry it with your lighter by moving the flame up and down the joint (but be careful not to light it on fire while drying) or just put it aside until it dries.
  • Then just light it up and smoke as usual.

What is in Hemp Wraps

Couple things I also wanted to mention. Even though it is Hemp paper, and it will have traces of THC in it, hemp wraps will not make you high by itself. If youโ€™re not filling it with pot, the hemp wrap wonโ€™t add any psychological effect and does not make you higher. Some of them also have low levels of CBD as well and because the levels are usually below .2 mg/g, they donโ€™t really create any discernible effects.  

This is a Honey flavored hemp wrap by Twisted and available at AtomicBlaze.com
Twisted Hemp Wraps (Vanilla Smooth)

Closing Remarks

Sometimes people see Hemp Wraps as being healthier than blunt wraps and they might be. But you have to know that anything you inhale into your lungs can cause you problems. They do not have nicotine or tobacco so in that respect they are a little healthier.

So if you typically like blunt wraps but donโ€™t want the nicotine or the flavor of a swisher sweet or some other cigar, hemp wraps just may be perfect for you. Like I mentioned above you can get them flavored or you can get them natural. The best way to figure out what you like best is to just try itโ€ฆ you might like it!

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