SMUGGLEBOT is the first digital smuggler to smuggle weed into the Metaverse! The future is here and cyber weed and NFTs will never be the same.

Imagine for a moment a bold new world where avatars get high and digital cannabis gets smuggled across the Metaverse. Yep, the blockchain just got a whole lot more fun and exciting with the introduction of SMUGGLEBOT and perhaps the most unique NFT project to date.

If you want to own NFTs that have the ability to be ‘cut and stacked’, creating a unique gamification element and enables a new form of utility and scarcity? Now, you can and you’ll be running with some of the legends of the game.

SMUGGLEBOT is the KingPin of the Metaverse!

SMUGGLEBOT, the first to take dealin’ from the real world to the Metaverse, has joined forces with some of the most notorious smugglers to launch the first digital underground marketplace in the Metaverse – the SMUGGLEVERSE.

For starters, SMUGGLEBOT has recruited legendary billion-dollar smuggler and former Hemp Inc. (OTC:HEMP) CEO, Bruce Perlowin to his stable of real-world smugglers. Dubbed by the media as “The King of Pot”, Bruce has become one of the faces of the cannabis industry after his widely viewed CNBC special aired in 2009.

Bruce Perlowin is “The King of Pot”

Next, using proprietary technology, SMUGGLEBOT has developed a process to create the most sought-after strains of digital cannabis and smuggle them into the Metaverse.

Savvy avatars have been lining up to score a hit of CRYPTONYTE™, the first digital strain to be released into the SMUGGLEVERSE.

In addition to releasing digital cannabis, the SMUGGLEVERSE has also launched the first-of-its-kind avatar record label – SMUGGLEVERSE MUSIC GROUP™, led by a team who have worked with Dr. Dre, Bruno Mars, Diplo, David Guetta, E-40 and TYGA, and other industry heavyweights. SMUGGLEBOT is the first artist to release music on the label.

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The SMUGGLEVERSE is an NFT Marketplace that enables anyone with a MetaMask wallet to buy and sell digital cannabis and music NFTs minted on the Polygon Blockchain. These NFTs represent “digital” cannabis, which is only a virtual item and does represent any rights or interests in any real cannabis product.