Santa Monica, CA: Goldstalk, a cannabis investment and advisory firm, has launched its first ever equity partnerships for marijuana investment assets it owns wholly or in part.  Goldstalk’s portfolio of performing legal and medical grade marijuana assets include commercial cannabis mortgage notes, cannabis related SPV’s  as well as a top tier LAS VEGAS based cannabis cultivation facility, its premier asset.

An indoor cultivation bloom room in Las Vegas, NV
Inside one of the “Bloom” rooms at the facility in Vegas.

When asked why the Vegas Grow Operation should be an attractive target by investors and new equity owners Goldstalk company Manager Michael Waldman feigned disbelief saying  that “…absolutely everyone wants a piece of that action…especially brick and mortar operations…what’s not to love in Vegas?”  Waldman further says that Nevada obliterated its own projections, noting that “Nevada’s gross cannabis revenue rates # 5 nationally and is host to the nation’s #2 spot for favorable regulations to the industry and expects to exceed $650 million in sales in 2022.”

“We are thrilled to meet the right individuals or family offices that understand the space and want to grow their current cannabis holdings or seek to enter the market with a strong partner…” remarked Waldman. The campaign to source credible equity partners is scheduled to last through November, 2020 with the most timely opportunities to close by November 10, 2020. 

Internal company documents indicate that the Vegas cultivation facility is housed in a 30,000 sf facility, that every pound grown has been pre-sold through December 2020 and that three independent THC licensed test results show that the facility has the top two THC percentages in the entire state, topping 38%.

Information for all equity positions are highly confidential and offered to credible and serious prospects only.  For private consideration contact Michael Waldman,, (310) 400-5599

About Goldstalk: Goldstalk is a cannabis investment and advisory firm based in Santa Monica, CA. Founded in 2015, Goldstalk has invested, arranged and structured over $20mm in the cannabis industry. Goldstalk serves cannabis business founders and investors in California and Nevada.  Call or write for more information:  (310) 400-5599 | |