ORLANDO, Fla., Dec. 23, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Last week we published an article detailing Colombian cannabis company One World Pharma Inc. (OWPC) and how the company may be well-positioned to exploit the myriad of opportunities in Colombia and to also avoid some of the pitfalls besetting other major cannabis companies. We mentioned in that offering that there was much more to the OWP story.

Today we’ll offer our second chapter of this very unique business model and explore how the Future of Cannabis may indeed be “futures.”

But before we do, it warrants mention that the venerable U.S. News & World Report just published an article titled “7 Marijuana Stocks to Grow in 2020” which included a discussion of OWP’s operations and licenses to grow in fertile Colombia.

Clearly, the cannabis and hemp market is both exploding and evolving.  The retracement seen in some leading cannabis stocks is likely more about the latter than the former. The consensus among most experts appears to be that domestic and international cannabis sales will continue to rapidly increase but how those sales occur could very well change.

One World Pharma is betting on that thinking, that cannabis and hemp will follow the pattern of commoditization that emerged for other major internationally traded agricultural crops… think soybeans, flowers, corn, cotton, sugar.  The company believes that it can leverage its advantageous position in Colombia where it can produce cannabis and hemp ingredients at a significant discount to other less favorable locations in the world and provide major food, beverage, cosmetic companies and other consumer products goods makers with high quality ingredients at predictable and favorable pricing. Commoditization has proven to be one of the best, if not the best way, for an industry to scale globally.

Imagine a hypothetical large international beverage company who now wants to provide “CBD Enhanced” sodas or beers. One World is establishing a Futures program by which that beverage company can secure precisely the amount and type of cannabis or hemp ingredients they need later on and at a set price today— essentially a “future” on cannabis.

Obviously this would allow the bevco to better plan and price their own future product offerings.  Think about how Southwest Airlines buys fuel or how Starbucks gets their coffee beans. Neither produces these items on their own, they simply secure the commodities they need.

And again, most every significant agricultural crop has found its way to commoditization and a futures market. If One World is right and cannabis and hemp follow in kind, the company growing at extremely favorable rates in a new Colombia could be well positioned as a pioneering force in the Future of Cannabis.

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