Remember when your parents, teachers, and friends warned you never to get into cars with strangers? They were so wrong, and I bet now they all wish they had invested in Uber stock back in the day.

Uber Moves Me, and Weed, Too

Starting as a way to move citizens, then transitioning to restaurant take-out, groceries, and supplies, the transportation behemoth has now taken on a new challenge: Uber has started the ride to merge into the thriving marijuana marketplace. As a result, individuals who utilize the Uber Eats app in Ontario, Canada, will be able soon to order weed, edibles, and CBD goods on the app. And in this time of the pandemic, it’s good to stay safe, too. This brings us to the concept that antibiotics and weed can go together, like, well, like an app and pot.

It’s History

Stoners will long remember the historical time and place, namely, Canada in 2018, when marijuana became legalized. Now, another milestone has been reached; since November 29th, 2021, potheads in the province will be able to order their flower products for pick-up under the app’s new cannabis category.

Interesting: chauffeuring in the weed will usher in the opportunity for companies such as Uber to take their first forays into the budding and quite lucrative cannabis market. And having access to the Canadian market will allow Uber to explore how the venture performs before possibly expanding, as laws around the herb are continually evolving.

Uber, it has been said, has been studying ways to enter the market. In April, Dara Khosrowshahi, the company’s CEO, noted, “When the road is clear for cannabis when federal laws come into play, we’re absolutely going to take a look at it.” Uber will partner up with Tokyo Smoke. The companies claim that this partnership will provide safe and legal cannabis access.

Despite pot being legalized in Canada years ago, pundits believe that a considerable proportion of sales are still being conducted illegally. As a result, Uber has claimed that they could help reduce illegal pot sales in Ontario by entering this arena.

A Darn Good Start

If this Uber project works out, and there’s a marked reduction in illegal marijuana sales, this could lead to full legalization in other countries, including the US. That could be great. If the US did follow the Canadian plan for ferrying pot, picture it: can maple sugar candy, politeness, single-payer health care, child benefit, subsidized fees at higher education institutions, and excellent professional ice hockey teams be far behind?

Excellent Questions

And yet, to be on the safe side, let’s stick to getting our pot safely to and fro before starting other equally worthy yet ambitious projects. Like contemplating the question: Can you smoke weed on antibiotics, especially during flu season? The answer’s a qualified “perhaps”: it’s a good possibility. However, if you are experiencing symptoms of a cough or congestion, consider sticking with edibles!

Entry into Canada’s cannabis marketplace designates an early move by Uber. Also, penetrating a single province enables the company to test the waters. And if the trend towards legalization of pot continues, this could give Uber, having already tried their product in the market, a possible advantage.

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This motion could move the company into an attractive position in the lucrative weed market. Canada’s marijuana market is calculated to be worth around 3.7billion dollars annually, and it’s expected to continue to develop.

An Uber spokesperson noted that the company will “continue to watch regulations and opportunities closely market by market.” This means that as the legalization of cannabis continues, with federal and local laws changing, they’ll “explore opportunities with merchants who operate in other regions.”

Moving Along Nicely

Uber brings us all manner of things that enhance our lives: pizza, passengers, packages and parcels, and now pot. So for those times when I have to ask myself, can I smoke weed while on medication? And I answer in the affirmative: it’s good to picture my pot safely Ubering over to the house.