Growing up, I really enjoyed watching college basketball. One of my favorite players was Chris Webber. When I think about Chris Webber, I usually think about the Fab Five, his legacy in Michigan basketball, and the NBA Hall of Fame career he enjoyed. Now, he is adding a new line to his resume: cannabis cultivation. Cannabis and CBD have received a lot of attention during the past few years because of their potential to help people with a wide variety of medical concerns. Personally, I have enjoyed using CBD to help me with stress relief. I am excited to see that one of my favorite players, Chris Webber, is joining the industry!

Chris Webber sees not only an investment opportunity but also a chance to help people. His new cannabis compound in Detroit will include a cultivation facility, a marijuana operations facility, a training center, and a cannabis consumption lounge. Of course, there will be a dispensary for those looking for the best type of concentrate to dab. I’m excited to see what type of products he releases.

A Massive Facility Breaks Ground

I am one of many people who are eagerly waiting to try out some of the products he has to offer. Recently, Chris Webber broke ground on his massive compound. It is more than 180,000 square feet, and it will cost more than 50 million dollars. Called the Weber Wellness compound, it is owned by a company that Webber founded, called Players Only Holdings.

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Even though this compound is already humongous, it was recently announced that the center will also be expanded by another 80,000 square feet. This will cost another 125 million dollars. The compound is expected to be completed in March 2022, but Webber has not yet announced when the second phase of the construction project will be completed.

Webber Has Personal Experiences With Cannabis

As if I didn’t respect Webber enough, he has said that he is all in when it comes to cannabis. He has seen a lot of lives disrupted by people who didn’t know how to use cannabis properly, such as overlooking the dab THC percentage before trying it. His goal is to help people repair their lives and aid the city of Detroit, which has been harmed by the opioid epidemic and improper drug use. Even though CBD and cannabis have the potential to help a lot of people, it is also critical for people to make sure they understand what they are taking and what is in the product.

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For example, before I try a new product, I always take a look at the THC percentage. There is a common misconception that CBD is responsible for getting people high, but that actually comes from THC. Webber wants to create a comprehensive educational program and compound to not only help people leverage the benefits of CBD but also invest in minority-owned businesses.

The Latest Step in a Key Initiative

As Webber breaks ground on his massive cannabis compound, he continues his efforts to invest his $100 million private equity fund that focuses on supporting black and minority-owned businesses. Because of the massive rise in popularity of cannabis, Webber sees an opportunity to elevate businesses owned by minorities. His hedge fund has more than $1 billion, and he seeks to use his resources to improve the local community.

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The Training Program Is Run by Cookies U

One of the most important elements of his compound will be the training program. It will be orchestrated by Cookies U, which is a job training and placement program that seeks to give students from minority communities the skills they need to get a job. In this program, attendees will be trained specifically in jobs that cultivate marijuana, sell cannabis, and conduct cannabis research. For example, attendees will learn about the best type of concentrate to dab.

A Model for Future Success

Personally, it’s been very exciting for me to see so many people become interested in cannabis. Even though there used to be a stigma surrounding cannabis and CBD, this has largely faded into the background. All of this has been driven by some of my favorite athletes and entertainers who have embraced the culture surrounding cannabis and CBD. By focusing on not only growing and cultivating cannabis but also teaching people how to use it properly, Chris Webber has the opportunity to positively impact the lives of so many people. It will be exciting to see the impact of his investment pay off in the future.