LAS VEGAS, NV —  The 81st Session of the Nevada Legislature convenes on February 1, 2021, and The Chamber of Cannabis will be leading advocacy efforts to legalize social use venues in Nevada through legislation sponsored by Assembly Judiciary Chairman Steve Yeager.  The organization has partnered with Minorities for Medical Marijuana and has retained Scot Rutledge with Argentum Partners as its lobbying firm for its 2021 Social Use Campaign. Their partners in this effort understand the importance of passing legislation this year and we need your help.

Nevada Cannabis
Nevada legalized Medical Marijuana in 2014 and Adult Use in 2016.

Founded in the fall of  2020, the Chamber’s mission is to expand opportunities for commerce, diversity, and competition in the Nevada cannabis industry. The organization’s members see social use venue licenses as a way to expand opportunities in the cannabis industry to more local businesses, including social equity applicants while creating jobs and increasing state revenue.

“With the opportunity for social use venue legislation in the state at stake, the Chamber is working hard to grow its coalition and is seeking partners for its 2021 Social Use Campaign, we are proud of the diversity of our partners and members and we hope that more businesses will choose to join our efforts to create a more robust, equitable, and diverse industry.”

Tina Ulman, President of The Chamber of Cannabis

This is not the first time social use policy has been considered in the Silver State. In 2019 the City of Las Vegas passed an ordinance allowing for social use venues, but the Nevada Legislature put a moratorium in place until the issue could be studied by the Cannabis Compliance Board. The CCB’s report is due to the Legislature this month.

Cannabis flower and oils
Nevada dispensaries support consumption lounges.

 “As a legacy cannabis business in Nevada with a commitment to quality products for our customers and giving back to our community, we see the opportunity to own a social use venue as a way to expand our brand’s presence and provide more education for consumers. We also support the policy of social equity and want to see more opportunities for women and persons of color in the cannabis industry. We are proud to partner with the Chamber to see a smart, sensible policy passed this session.”

Lisa Lawatsch, General Manager, Oasis Dispensary and Strategic Partner to The Chamber

Additionally, Cannabis was deemed an essential industry in the early stages of the COVID pandemic. Despite this designation, and the almost $600 MIL of legal cannabis sold in 2020, it remains illegal to consume cannabis outside of your home, excluding most renters, and the tens of millions of annual visitors to Nevada, from legally having a place to consume.

“Currently we sell cannabis, but have made it illegal to consume it, which puts all consumers at risk of being penalized, after four years of legalization, the Chamber sees an opportunity to create a sense of urgency for legislators and regulators to revisit this matter and improve it.”

Dani Baranowski, Vice President of The Chamber of Cannabis

The Chamber of Cannabis is a non-profit organization designed to unite cannabis industry professionals who strive to build a more inclusive industry. The Chamber provides opportunities to connect, share resources, and collaborate with like-minded members—both online and off.

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To attend a monthly meeting or learn more about becoming a member or partner for their Social Use Campaign, visit or reach out to their team at