Cannabis laws in the United States remain inconsistent by state, making it difficult to enjoy the plant for recreational use. However, there are some liberal states that you can visit and even take part in their local cannabis culture.

At the same time, other countries have their own cannabis-related events that may entice any marijuana user who is keen to travel. Consider the following marijuana travel destinations for your next holiday if you intend to travel without risking legal repercussions from using cannabis products.

United States

In states where cannabis distribution and possession are legal, a marijuana business must have acquired appropriate cannabis licenses to operate. Consider traveling to the following states (if you don’t already live in them) if you want to rest assured that you can enjoy recreational marijuana.


You can legally possess up to 28.5 grams of cannabis products. Consider visiting Oakland, CA as your cannabis travel destination. This city has relaxed cannabis enforcement on top of the state’s laidback medical marijuana laws.

Oakland has coffee shops that include cannabis on their menu, stores offering cannabis growing equipment, and Oaksterdam University, a cannabis college. Some dispensaries in the city even offer more than cannabis products by having massage, yoga, acupuncture, and counseling services.


Washington is another state that adopted medical marijuana laws early on. As long as you have a prescription, you most likely won’t face criminal penalties for using weed. Seattle is probably the best destination in this state.

Seattle, WA hosts the world’s largest cannabis event called Seattle Hempfest. Over 100,000 attendants gather for the Coachella of marijuana where they can enjoy two days of cannabis-related events like getting sweet deals on glass blowers from ware shops throughout the city.

Photo by Joey Csunyo on Unsplash

North America

There are other countries outside of the United States that may be ideal travel destinations with lax cannabis regulations. Canada particularly has two great locations for traveling cannabis users.


Consider Vancouver or Toronto as your next cannabis travel destination. In Vancouver, you can smoke marijuana products in public parks and private stores without too many repercussions. You can easily find bud sellers on the street or in high-end stores and guarantee that either option is high quality.

Meanwhile, Toronto has several head shops, cafes that allow smoking, and marijuana retail stores that you can find without effort. You may even spot a medical marijuana club somewhere in Kensington Market or Scarborough Town Centre, although these clubs often cater only to Canadian citizens.

South America

Brazil is usually the go-to travel spot when thinking about South America. However, try to avoid this country if you intend to travel with weed. Although marijuana is widely available in the country with many smokers here and there, they aren’t risk-free since marijuana possession remains a criminal offense. Consider these other South American countries instead:


Chile is among the countries in South America that legalized medical marijuana usage. In 2016, this country started opening cannabis social clubs for marijuana cultivation and collective enjoyment. Recreational marijuana use in Chile is also decriminalized, guaranteeing a risk-free smoking experience while visiting.



Peru can be a bit more restricting than Chile in terms of possession. You may only carry up to eight grams of weed. Also, try to avoid smoking in the streets because you aren’t exactly risk-free when smoking in public, especially if you smoke marijuana.

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels


Cannabis usage in Asia is mostly associated with traditional and spiritual celebrations, making marijuana usage in time for such events all the more exciting when visiting.


This country is fairly lenient when it comes to marijuana despite its technically illegal status. Marijuana in India is prevalent enough that you can purchase cannabis-infused products from government-owned shops. Bhang is a weed milkshake that you can find in these local stores, making an ideal holiday snack considering the country’s subtropical climate.


Australia is an ideal travel destination for its incredible scenery and beaches alone. Add the fact that it has decriminalized marijuana usage in most areas, and this country becomes even more of an ideal travel destination.

Nimbin in New South Wales particularly is a great destination for its annual Nimbin Mardi Grass festival. This event is known as a hippie paradise, a popular marijuana destination for any traveling user. Marijuana is illegal in New South Wales, but Nimbin seems to be an exception due to its popular event.

Photo by Symeon Ekizoglou from Pexels


This continent has some of the best historical attractions in the world. If you plan on traveling to Europe for the holidays with a few marijuana provisions for relaxation, the following destination may be your best option.


The capital of the Netherlands may as well be the capital destination for traveling marijuana users. Amsterdam has hundreds of coffee shops offering marijuana and hashish on their menus and is home to the Annual High Times “Cannabis Cup,” a cannabis festival the country has been practicing since 1988.

This event takes place every November and judges from around the world sample and vote for the best cannabis varieties, giving any tourist some insight into the next marijuana variety they could try for themselves.


There are several ideal travel destinations in the world where you can enjoy cannabis-related events without any risk of breaking any laws. If you intend to travel abroad, Amsterdam may be the best travel destination mainly for its long-running cannabis festival.

If you plan to travel within the United States, California and Washington states have great cannabis destinations as well. Get the latest cannabis industry news at TNM News as we cover everything from marijuana news by each state to the best products you can purchase from a dispensary.