Canada\’s Logical Approach to Recreational Marijuana Business

While the United States struggles with its acceptance of legalized marijuana, Canada continues to forge ahead with its plans to legalize recreational marijuana throughout the country next year. Canada\’s logical approach to the recreational marijuana business is creating a template for other open minded countries looking to participate in this new frontier.

Canada will now start allowing small cultivators of marijuana to gain licenses to participate in the legal market. Similar to small business here in the United States, these smaller cultivators will not have to contend with the steep regulations and oversight that larger cultivators must adhere to.

The Government of Canada today announced the establishment of a licensing system that divides cannabis producers between โ€œStandardโ€ andย  โ€œMicroโ€ designations under the upcoming adult-use regulatory scheme.ย Micro licenses carve out a space for small-scale producers. Licenses will also be available for nurseries and hemp growers.

The new licenses would allow smaller producers to cultivate cannabis and sell it to provincial resellers without having to go through some of the onerous visual monitoring and intrusion detection requirements that Standard cultivation license-holders would have to abide by.

The Health Minister, MP Ginette Pets Taylor, said in a media scrum Tuesday that the government hopes to spur a โ€œdiverse and competitiveโ€ industry in which participants would be able to conduct โ€œa wide range of activitiesโ€ with cannabis. The Health Minister also announced that the current security clearance process that requires background checks for key figures of medical marijuana licensed producers would also apply to the incoming recreational regime. The goal of that, Petitpas Taylor says, is to โ€œreduce the risk that organized crime will find its way in the legal system.โ€

While Canada forges ahead, the United States plainly seems closed minded to marijuana despite polls showing that support for legalization is at an all-time high and represents more than 60% of our population. Do you think that Canada\’s GDP could ever rival the U.S. GDP?


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