It’s A Beginning, Medical Marijuana Enters Professional Sports

Granted, you may never have heard of the NAPB, partially because it is a brand new league, and partially because when you think of basketball you think of the NBA. Still, the NAPB is a professional sports organization and they are permitting their players to take advantage of medical marijuana, specifically CBD products.

It is rather timely that this news is breaking considering Super Bowl LII will be played tomorrow, February 4th, between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles. There has been a considerable amount of controversy between NFL players getting in trouble for marijuana possession and failing drug tests, one of the best examples being Ricky Williams. Many NFL players, along with many other professional athletes, lobby to have access to medical marijuana for both pain relief and to help with concussion symptoms.

“We have finalized a deal with the NAPB [the North American Premier Basketball League],” he said. “We now are the Official Alternative Nutrition for the NAPB.”

“This is history,” Trey repeats. “Athletes such as myself have been working extremely hard to make CBD an alternative alongside the opioids, stimulants, painkiller shots and over the counter medicines a reality. We will be providing the league with pharmacist-formulated CBD products, hosting educational seminars and engaging in community events.”

“It doesn’t matter what league it is; this has to start somewhere. The people at the NAPB, Treyous and Green Roads are ahead of their time because this movement of athletes supporting CBD use started only six years ago when Colorado legalized recreational cannabis.”

The NAPB is a new, minor pro basketball league for North America, created by Dr. Sev Hrywnak, a New York State team owner, and Dave Magley, the former Commissioner of the National Basketball League of Canada (NBLC). Their idea was to reactivate defunct teams, so they spent about two years identifying cities that once had NBA, original ABA, CBA and D-League teams, but no longer did.

For their inaugural 2017-2018 season, the NAPB managed to get eight teams on board.

Perhaps the NAPB will be the first domino to fall in terms of professional sports organizations opening up to the medical benefits of cannabis. How long do you think it will take for professional sports leagues like the NBA, NFL, MLB and the NHL (even though hockey is much more relaxed about marijuana use with their players than other organizations) to shake the negative stigmas associated with marijuana?


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