Although they have been around for over 2,000 years, water pipes/bongs have only recently taken over in the modern world as the must-have weed pipe for smokers far and wide. 

The advancement of bong technology has led to the development of innovative new designs, resulting in their sudden spike in popularity. But do bongs really deserve the hype? Are they truly a superior device for getting stoned? The short answer is yes, they most definitely are.

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Why Weed Bongs Rock

As water pipes become more commonplace among tokers everywhere, research has begun to shed light on why these pieces are a healthier alternative to weed joints and typical dry pot pipes. 

In addition to the potential health benefits, there are a myriad of reasons why people are ditching their joints and flocking to their nearest bong smoke shop. Read below to learn more about why water pipes are quickly becoming a fan favorite of the smoking community. 

Filtration, Filtration, Filtration!

The development of a water filtration system is by far the biggest reason water pipes have become so popular. As you inhale pot smoke, water naturally filters the smoke to cool it down and reduce the harshness of your hit. Reducing the smoke’s temperature makes it less irritating to your airways and makes bouts of coughing less likely. 

More importantly, water pipes are able to filter out potentially harmful toxins from smoke before it enters your lungs. Water also binds to any bacteria or mold that may be present to reduce the number of inhaled microbes. 

Research shows that water pipes may even reduce the presence of certain toxins by up to 90 percent! While the full extent of this filtration is not yet known, experts agree that smoking with water pipes is much healthier than using joints or dry pipes.

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Other Potential Cannabis Bong Benefits

In addition to reducing health risks, bongs may also help you reap more benefits from your medical marijuana. For cannabis users, research suggests that water pipes may aid in the expansion of lung capacity by increasing the bronchodilating effects of cannabis. 

On a more subjective note, users often claim that water pipes provide a more clear-headed high in comparison to joints or vaping weed. The water pipe’s filtration system may modify certain herbal compounds which influences the effects of the cannabis felt by the user. 

The Choices are Endless

With the vast amount of water pipes available, there truly is something for weed smoker regardless of preference or level of experience. The wide variety of styles and materials allows users to easily experiment until they find their perfect piece. Different styles provide different degrees of durability and functionality, ensuring that any smoker can find something suited to their lifestyle. 

While glass water pipes are the most common, silicone pipes are becoming increasingly popular among the clumsier side of the smoking community. And for those who love the portability of a hand pipe, bubblers for weed are just as easy to transport while still providing all the satisfaction of a full-sized bong. 

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Best of all, water pipes are an extremely cost-effective method of smoking. The wide range of prices is ideal for smokers looking to start with something basic and upgrade as necessary. There are also a variety of attachments you can purchase to adapt your pipe for multiple substances, saving you from splurging on more than one piece.

Easy to Use and Easy to Love

Whether you’re a veteran pot smoker or just starting out, water pipes are one of the most convenient and user-friendly pieces on the market. Rather than spending hours learning to roll the perfect joint, all you need to do is follow these simple steps. 

Step 1 – Adding the water to the pipe

Start by filling your pipe up with cold water until the base of the pipe is about a quarter of the way full. 

Step 2 – Pull out your weed grinder

Grind up your desired amount of herb before loading it into the bowl piece. 

Step 3 – Light the weed Gently

Using a lighter, light the herb in the bowl while slowly inhaling through the mouthpiece.

Step 4 – Clear that weed smoke out of the bong

Pull the bowl piece from the downstem as you continue inhaling, and finish by exhaling the smoke from your lungs. That’s all there is to it!

Step 5 – Change your bong water regularly

Always change the water after each use to ensure the smoothest hits, and be sure to clean your bong often using boiling water or rubbing alcohol to remove tar and resin buildup.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, it’s really no surprise why water pipes have taken the smoking world by storm. In addition to being extremely cost-effective and user-friendly, these pipes offer a much healthier alternative to other forms of smoking. Regardless of your lifestyle or personal preference, you won’t regret adding a water pipe into your marijuana smoking routine!

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