Grinding your Weed Always Makes for a Better Joint

If you’re reading this then then there’s a good chance you’ve smoked weed before, and if you’ve smoked weed then you know the struggles of breaking up weed. Don’t get me wrong cannabis is beautiful. From the shiny trichomes to the fluffy buds, marijuana is truly one of a kind. However, grinding it up, especially with your hands, can be quite a difficult task as weed is sticky and dense and more often than not is actually pretty hard to break up with your fingers.

I’m sure there are some OGs out there that are laughing right now saying that’s the only way to do it and I respect that. I personally have some friends that only prefer to break it up that way. They claim they are closer to plants and they really feel what it’s all about. Personally I think that is a little extra, especially with all the tools that are available nowadays. 

The Grinder

If for whatever reason you’ve been living under a rock and have never heard of a grinder before I am about to blow your mind. A grinder is a device that basically breaks up your cannabis or hemp flower for you. That’s right a wonderful handheld device that turns your beautiful buds into a pile of crushed up weed ready to be smoked. Perfect for putting into a joint, blunt wrap, pipe, bong and any other smoking device out there.

Metal Grinder
The classic metal grinder filled with cannabis.

For anyone who doesn’t know, a grinder comes in all shapes and sizes and is made out of many different types of materials. The classic metal grinder that many are familiar with is a circular looking device with a few different chambers. The top is where you put your cannabis and hemp buds which usually have some form of metal teeth that helps grind the weed. Once you place your buds into the teeth of the grinder you simply put on the top cover; then spin the top and the buds get ground up. The marijuana then falls into the second chamber of the grinder. You can then unscrew the middle portion of the grinder and boom your cannabis is ground up perfectly, ready to be smoked. Lastly, the third chamber of the classic metal grinder is where the kief falls and after a period of time your kief will build up. 

If you don’t know, kief looks like sugar that falls naturally off the cannabis plant and contains a lot of THC. The sugar like substance is made up of trichomes and is quite delightful. Kief is perfect to throw onto a bowl or to sprinkle on a freshly rolled joint.

Now like I said, most people who smoke marijuana have used and seen grinders many, many times. It’s pretty much a staple in the smoking experience. I would even argue that more smokers have grinders than don’t. 

What Grinder is the Best?

When you think about cannabis and break it down it’s simply just organic matter like all other flowers and plants. It’s sticky and covered with trichomes, it’s honestly quite messy to break up cannabis so when you’re selecting a grinder you wanna get one that’s easy to use and easy to clean. 

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If you’re looking for a cheap option there are several different kinds of plastic grinders that get the job done. They are different from the grinder I described above. Majority of plastic grinders open up and have teeth attached to both sides. You simply place the flower into the grinder, close and grind. There are no chambers in these types of grinders just open and dump out your bud and you are good to go. 

Plastic Grinder
Grinders made out of plastic.

If you’re looking for the best however, I would recommend a three chamber metal grinder just like the one I described in the beginning of the article. It’s efficient and gets the job done. The metal grinder is easy to work with and easy to clean. The design with chambers is great, because the more times you use it the more kief you build up over time. 

Why Grind Up Your Weed?

Some of you out there may be asking why do I even need a grinder? Well, working with weed can be quite messy and the grinder is very helpful with preventing your hands from getting sticky. Also, you wanna get the most out of your smoking experience and grinding your weed helps you do just that. You have more cannabis to work with and if you’re smoking bowls it’s much easier to load a pipe or a bowl with a small pile of ground up weed then a sticky dense nug. And it’s definitely easier to twist up a joint.

Grinders aren’t for everyone, but I highly recommend using one to make the smoking experience easier and more enjoyable. 

Man Using Grinder
Man using a grinder to grind up marijuana.