One of the best parts about experiencing all the cannabis has to offer is the exciting ways that it can change even the most mundane activities, but that’s not what we are talking about today. You are looking for exciting, fun, and worthwhile things to do while high, and we’ve got you covered.

Here are 10 memory-making activities that you can do the next time you work up a good buzz.

1. Get Creative

You’ll need to be creative to figure out how to transfer oil between carts without syringe, but that’s not what we’re talking about here.

Cannabis products have a way of opening up your own creativity and allowing you to explore how you express yourself. Whether you’re into writing, music, or another art form like painting, there’s no better time to start exploring your creativity than when you’re high.

2. Socialize

Socializing while you’re stoned can be one of the best experiences you can have while high. Call up some friends and have a get together the next time you get smoked up. Try going out someplace new, having friends over for some fun, or ever getting out into nature.

Speaking of nature…

3. Connect With Nature

There is a long and proud tradition of cannabis helping people get in touch with nature. We live really technological lives that keep us away from the outdoors, but the next time you get high consider going out into the woods. Whether you take along a walk on your local trails or you just head to a nearby park, there’s never a better time to get outdoors and when you’re high.

4. Relax and Enjoy Some “Me Time”

It’s no secret that cannabis can help you unwind. Why not make the most of the relaxing qualities of weed? You can enjoy a nice long bath, go get a massage, or order up a meal from your favorite restaurant.

This is all about relaxation and getting a little me time. There’s nothing wrong with getting high and taking a little moment just for yourself.

5. Get Physical

While you won’t need major muscles to learn how to transfer oil between carts without syringe, a light buzz and a good workout can be a great combination. Yoga, a long walk, or another chill way of getting moving are great combinations with weed. You’ll get to enjoy the double euphoria of getting your heart pumping and getting high.

6. Play a Board Game

One of the classic stoner activities is getting high and playing video games, but if you ever thought about playing a board game while high? Board games are fun and social which lets you bring out the best of a good cannabis experience. There are even solo board games that you can play that test your puzzle-solving and creativity skills which can also be brought out by a good high.

7. Laugh

We all know that getting high has a way of making us crack a smile and start laughing. One of the best things you can do while high is set yourself up for a funny time. Get some friends together and head out to see a stand-up comedy show or just start surfing through the funniest videos you can find on YouTube.

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8. Enjoy Some Music

Here are the things to do while high compiled by TNM News. Read and have fun
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Enjoying music while high is another all-time classic cannabis activity. Whether you want to listen to some experimental ambient noise music or you are putting on vinyl rock classics, a good high is going to let you kick back and really soak in the experience of these tunes.

Here’s a little getting high and listening to music tip. Try combining this activity with any of the others that we mention on this list and layer your experiences.

9. Go on a Date

Are you looking for exciting thing to do while high? Here's the list of activities complued by TNM news that you can do when you're high.
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A date can help you find an answer to how can you hit a cartridge with a lighter, and they can make getting high all the better! Swipe away and find someone who’s 420 friendly for a great experience. There’s nothing like getting to know someone new while the two of you enjoy your favorite cannabis strains.

For the real 420 friendly dating experience, set up a cannabis connoisseur experience and have a few strains ready to sample!

10. Sleep

After all this fun that you had, there’s nothing better than getting a good nap. Strains of cannabis that favor Indica as well as a good balance of CBD and THC can help you rest a little easier. After all, great sleep, but you charged up for another day of getting high and having fun.