BREAKING: President Obama Will Come Out In Support Of Marijuana This Sunday On CNN


A new Sanjay Gupta marijuana special airs Sunday on CNN and it will apparently feature President Barack Obama giving his “full support of medical marijuana” and will also speak about other options for drug abuse treatment that don’t involve incarceration.

According to an email obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation, The Daily Caller’s Jonah Bennett reports that the special, “Weed 3,” features Gupta, CNN’s chief medical correspondent, interviewing President Barack Obama.

During the show, Gupta and Obama chat about a multitude of cannabis-related topics, including the recent bipartisan bill known as the CARERS Act, which proposes rescheduling marijuana from Schedule 1 to Schedule 2. When Gupta asks Obama about the bill, the President says, “You know, I think I’d have to take a look at the details, but I’m on record as saying that not only do I think carefully prescribed medical use of marijuana may in fact be appropriate and we should follow the science as opposed to ideology on this issue, but I’m also on record as saying that the more we treat some of these issues related to drug abuse from a public health model and not just from an incarceration model, the better off we’re going to be.”

Obama also points to the decline in tobacco use as an example of how effective public health models can be if taken seriously. Obama said, “You know, one of the great victories of this country has been our ability to reduce incidences of smoking, increase the incidences of seat belt use. You know, we save tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of lives every single year. We didn’t throw anybody in jail; we just made sure that they were well-informed and if somebody has an addiction, we made sure that we made it easy for them to get help.”

In the past, Obama has predicted that more states will legalize and confirmed that “although marijuana is still illegal on the federal level, the Department of Justice will look the other way.”

“Weed 3” airs Sunday at 9pm ET on CNN.



  1. Thank you Sanjay for speaking out for us and interviewing our president.
    If you’re ever in Knoxville, TN I’d love to sit and talk with you.

  2. That explains it. It’s obvious he’s been smoking something the past six years….(if not before, but I’m sure he’s like Clinton and didn’t inhale)

  3. Thank you president Obama. Nay sayers get lost.

  4. Watch out for the corporatization of Cannabis! Like alcohol prohibition, they persecuted and punished the competition for years, now they are ready to make it available…for a fee. The proposed non-refundable cost to just apply for a permit to sell medical cannabis is $25,000 in Hawai’i. Now $$$ is running in, taking over the scene, while the public is not allowed to grow it. It is just another government spawned cartel that jacks the price up while the govt seeks to tax the hell out of it. Meanwhile those in need of safe and effective medication are the ones who are being turned into cash cows. Where are the values of compassion and care for the sick?

    • So you can’t grow your own in Hawaii even for medical.

      • Ha they can’t stop us from growing it now, how they gonna do any better when more people start growing. When marijuana becomes legal medically, how will they be able to bust anybody, threaten them, and make them snitch on their dealer. The war is coming to an end.

  5. Swear Obama be tokin on dat loud pack..! Da nigga is black so you know he be.

  6. strictly regulated? What?… like meth the other schedule two drug.. no its a plant.. a veggie… take it off the CSA all together… put it with ATF… and regulate it like alcohol. It’s a preventative for heavens sake.

  7. Some articles are claiming that he crushed the movement, were they lieing?

  8. Treating Marijuana the same as alcohol and putting it out of reach for College students will keep a marijuana street market…..If they would admit its safer than any other already FDA approved dietary supplements they could save tax- payers millions of $$ , there time and save a lot of young adult lives.

  9. Thank you Mr. President for the support.

    I read somewhere that he crashed the movement. Who should I believe? Well, let’s hear it direct from the interview. 🙂

  10. FREE THE WEED it’s better than alcohol for the body. And a can help the economy jobs the money it creates good all-around And a can help the economy jobs the money it creates good all-around

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  12. Cannabis should be De-scheduled completely.

  13. Obama should also know that businesses in the Marijuana Industry are still treated like criminals!! Why can’t we have a bank account for our business??? I do believe the Feds have tried to set us up for failure! I pay my sales taxes, 941s, and unemployment taxes with money orders. Because I am not allowed to have a bank account, the IRS penalizes me 10{b9c41f62a37c687b31b667cf69204c41d59060d4b370c48d31ec094649de4955} every month because I can not make an online payment thru a financial Institution. Also, when I send my payments in money orders, paid from cash made in my Marijuana Dispensary. The IRS can deposit my money orders (tax payments ) in a bank account!!! DOESN’T MAKE SINCE! They are discriminating this Industry.

  14. I hope this helps so we can sell hemp CBD to production Companies In Colorado. Now if they sell out of state hemp CBD they have to purchase the CBD from another country. This is very counter productive and makes selling CBD Rich hemp grown on the farm much more difficult. Namaste

  15. This video explains it all: Marihuana Truth: 420 Trillion Dead

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