9 More States Likely To Legalize Marijuana

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The below excerpts and information is sited from 24/7 wall st (www.247wallst.com) article

1. Alaska
Pop. 735,000
Sales tax undisclosed

Alaska has become somewhat of a surprise candidate for states up for marijuana legalization, partially via a legislative technicality. The state has a vote on the matter in November. The current form would allow those aged 21 and higher to buy marijuana at state-regulated stores, which would allow the state to tax and regulate marijuana similar to alcohol. Individuals would be allowed to possess up to an ounce of marijuana, as well as to be allowed to grow very limited amounts in private. If approved in the current form, pot smoking in public would still be banned.

2. California
Pop. 38.3 million
Sales tax $33.91 billion

California has allowed medicinal marijuana with very lenient terms. The criteria are loose enough that many outsiders assume that the state allows marijuana use for recreation. Lighting a cigarette may come with taboos, but it is quite common to run across Californians and visitors smoking marijuana in public. Selling or growing pot can still land you with a felony on your record, and more widespread legalization efforts remain a work in progress. One interesting note: Berkeley recently voted to make medical marijuana dispensaries give a small amount of medical marijuana to the poor and homeless for free.

3. Maryland
Pop. 5.93 million
Sales tax $4.11 billion

Maryland joined the ranks of states that legalized medicinal marijuana in 2013, and more recently it decriminalized possession of small amounts under 10 grams. The medical marijuana treatment is still subjective and has not been universally adopted nor universally accepted by medical professionals. The more recent approval to decriminalize possession of under 10 grams of marijuana โ€” taking effect in October โ€” will still act almost the same as a minor speeding ticket. This is still well short of making the state change its name to Mary-Janeland.

4. Massachusetts
Pop. 6.69 million
Sales Tax $5.18 billion

Massachusetts allows for medical marijuana use in debilitating conditions with a state registration card. This is not as universally applied as some states. A House bill would legalize marijuana and tax it. The name Taxachusetts again comes up. The votes are still shown to be a small majority in favor, so the issue remains up in the air.

5. New Hampshire
Pop. 1.32 million
Sales tax undisclosed

New Hampshire has already signed a bill into law that legalized marijuana for medicinal use, but the restriction is that patients have to have a three-month history with a physician to cut down on the โ€œjourneying tourist patients.โ€ The House previously passed decriminalization bills that were then stopped by the Senate. Efforts to possess under an ounce for personal use remain underway, but it is unclear if these will move further along later in 2014 or if it will be pushed out to 2016.

6. New York
Pop. 19.65 million
Sales tax $12.11 billion

It may seem like a surprise that New York would be on the list of states set to approve marijuana use, but the state recently passed medical marijuana approval under the Compassionate Care Act, becoming the 23rd state to allow for some form of medical marijuana use. Currently this is on a non-smokable form of approval. If New York, and New York City, realize the taxes on top of tobacco sales now, the effort is likely to face lower hurdles.

7. Oregon
Pop. 3.93 million
Sales tax undisclosed

Oregon is another state where many might have already thought marijuana laws had already passed. The state has had some of the nationโ€™s most liberal policies, treating small amounts of possession almost the same as a speeding ticket, dating back to the 1980s and 1970s. Legislation to legalize marijuana previously failed and is up for vote late in 2014. If voter turnout is high enough, legalization efforts here seem favorable for approval โ€” if the matter is not pushed out until the next local round of elections.

8. Rhode Island
Pop. 1.05 million
Sales tax $881 million

Rhode Island allows personal use and cultivating for medical marijuana needs, and bipartisan support was there in its legislature to legalize and tax marijuana later in 2014. The marijuana Policy Project and other news reports showed that the state legislature adjourned in late June without voting on the outright legalization matter. That kicks the can down the road, although support seems more and more likely for an outright legalization.

9. Vermont
Pop. 626,000
Sales tax $347 million

Vermont decriminalized marijuana in 2013 and already allows marijuana to be used for medicinal purposes. This treats pot about like a minor speeding ticket, as long as the amount you have in possession is under an ounce (or a pound of โ€œinfusedโ€ solid products or 72 ounces of liquid form). While far from outright legalization, Vermont is now among the leading states in the legalization efforts.


  1. I think they should legalize it there is nothing wrong with smokeing marijuana I’m from New York in Chautauqua county Ripley so I love smokeing pot it help me walk I have cp and it helps me to be able to walk with out it I cant really walk

  2. You forgot florida, the poll for it is in November of this yr.. js

  3. Tennessee needs to be legalized!!

    • If it helps someone thats sick im all for it, my aunt has cancer an the drs said weed would help her tolerate the pain but she lives in KY were its not legal an she suffers , I say let people who needs it get it

  4. Leagalize it in Texas and get rid of K2!

  5. Leagalize it in texas! Para que ya no se use el K2 que esta daรฑando a muchas personas

  6. Leagalize in Atlanta, it helps me learn.

    • Lmfao… Yea I see that. Dumbass, Atlanta is a city..we are talking states here. City ordinance can not trump state law. See, you are one of the reasons it isn’t legal. People just don’t want more of this.

    • You are the reason it isn’t legal. You make everyone who smokes look dumb with that comment.

  7. i understand the fear he has, i don’t condone the brain cells being distroyed by alcohol.
    there does need to be real structure in this wild move of MJ
    number 3 or 4 killer is people taking their medication the way it is prescribed(from what i heard from a doctor in an open meeting)
    so i do not agree with the drug companies having control…they are insaine with putting drugs into your system…big bussiness
    there needs to be a new system for MJ

  8. Maine not being on this list is a travesty. Medical and Decriminalized for years, largest city legalized possession last year with 67{b9c41f62a37c687b31b667cf69204c41d59060d4b370c48d31ec094649de4955} majority, and an active effort to get statewide on the ballot in 2016. I mean I’m just a cable expert, but how does one miss this ?

    • I heard that a citizens initiative was ok’d, and because of the lack of control over citizen initiatives that the legislature was developing bills to compete legalization?

  9. When will texas ever legalize

  10. Texas needs to realize the potential that it could have if it decided to legalize, being as in it is a huge state, those taxes wouldn’t hurt it.

  11. Wow! This list forget PA! We were just passed!!!!

  12. Why does Missouri rarely make these lists? Isn’t anybody paying attention to the work of Show Me Cannabis? A petition drive starts in January to get it on the 2016 ballot.

  13. We need federal government to legalize it

  14. When is Kentucky going to legalize it??

  15. What about Kentucky ??? You know that’s the number one cash crop in the state!! Goes back for years for the framing indrusti. Has the bill been presented to congress for Kentucky to legalize it???

  16. Maine is puting it on the ballot in 2016.

  17. Michigan needs to legalize it for reacrational use

  18. So guess staying green is out the question huh Virginia good thing I’m illegally healed and will always smoke my pot


  20. Legalize in Alabama!!!

  21. Show Me Cannabis for Missouri. We will legalize in 2016. May even be the first Southern state to get it done.

  22. How about the whole family country.

  23. Whitehouse.gov sign the petition,………Obama is ready to sign it into legalization.

  24. What about Jersey

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